My first Paper Page

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My first Paper Page

I went out and bought up the store--haha--

this is my first paper page EVER and must admit I LOVED every second of it!!!!!
I love all the little things you can buy and decorate the pages with and all the cutting, the glue and the mess Wink

so this is from our trip to FL 2 years ago!!!
Let me know what you think---is it to much or not enough??
BTW I had to draw the "a" in there two places because I ran out of stickers and that was the one thing I didn't buy Smile

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That's your first page ever? :shock: GREAT!!! I wouldn't change any of it! I absolutely love the title.

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Definately love it.

For a first page that is great!!!

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Wow, that's great! I love the layout. You are very talented!

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Very Very Nice. It is just right and I actually like where you wrote in the a's.

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That is great! I really like it. I think it is funny that you like the mess! Sounds like you are going to do really well with scrapbooking. Smile

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:oops: man i don't do pages that good and i've been doing it for 3 years! :shock:

good job!

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that's great!!!! love the edging on the left side of the page!! Smile keep it up! Smile

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I LOVE it! Great job! it's so dangerous to go into michaels or a scrapbook store. i want to buy everything!

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LOVE IT!!! good job on your 1st paper page!!!!! Biggrin

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Great job!

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Great job on your first LO! Smile

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Great page!!!
I love the lettering and the torn paper on the side.
It's funny hear you say that you loved all the cutting and glue and mess. Those are all the reasons why I do digi. Wink

Can't wait to see more! Smile