My first project with cricut.

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My first project with cricut.

Okay this is my first ever card. Not bad for a first timer I don't think but any CC you can give is greatly appreciated.
We're going to a birthday party in about an twenty minutes, or whenever lazy baby gets up from his nap. So I made this for his friend.



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oooh nice!

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How fun!!! Love the little balloons.

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oh, that's cute! I love how you used the patterned papers. I don't do that often enough with my cricut.

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very nice! Are you having fun yet?

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"melly14" wrote:

very nice! Are you having fun yet?

I spent forty dollars today on paper
Does that give you an idea? I also bought four new cricut mats cause I wore out my first one just playing around.

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So cute!!!

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SO cute! I want a cricut SOOOOOOO bad!

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I did the same thing with my first mat! Lol Love the card! Card making is now my obsession! I can't live w/o my Cricut!

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Great job! Glad that you are liking your Cricut so much!

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I think it turned out great. I love the layered balloons on front.

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