My first quilt (OT and XP)

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My first quilt (OT and XP)

I just wanted to share my current project. This is my first ever quilt so I'm excited. I love the colors. It is a tad busy, but I still love it. I don't have a backing yet. 3 of the 5 materials were taken from sheet sets that I've made for Andrea's toddler bed, so it will be a blanket that matches 3 different sets Smile

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that is too freaking cute!!:D

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LOVE it!! I am so jealous. I love quilts, and want to learn how to make them. I can't sew that would be the first step right? Smile Great job, it's beautiful Stephanie.

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That is ADOARBLE!!!! Nice job!

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love it!!!!

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Great Job, it is adorable!


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Cute! I love how it will match 3 different sets.

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It's adorable. I wish I could learn to sew, but the only person I know who knows how is my mom and she's not that good.

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man, that ROCKS!!! I have always wanted to learn to quilt. You have a real gift for it, it seems.


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That's great! I love the colors and that it matches so many sheet sets. I quilt too, but nothing ever seems to get finished...

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Where's mine!? Wink You did a GREAT job! I am jealous that you can sew too!

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That is great! I started a quilt like 5 years ago...I think you have inspired me to dig it out again!

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I posted on the sewing board too but I had to say it again, I LOVE IT!!! You really did a fabulous job.

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Thanks everyone. I don't like unfinished projects, so I generally finish what I start. It is tough to balance sewing with scrapping though. I really have to bounce back and forth to keep up.

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That's fantastic Stephanie!! I love the colors!