My first SCAL layout and 2 old cards

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My first SCAL layout and 2 old cards

I got Sure Cuts A Lot for my birthday ... fun!!! I knew what font I wanted to use for this without even looking at my list. I'm really happy with this fun layout. I cut the yellow paper by hand, and did a mirror copy of the facing page so that they lined up.


And here are two cards that I posted about but didn't want to share until the recipients got them.

This is the card I made for my friend whose baby was stillborn. Sad I printed the poem on vellum and outlined the vellum with stickles. The wings are grungeboard painted silver and then covered in white glitter glue. I tied a feather string thing around it. The inside has metal baby hands and feet and the definition of the word "angel". (For the record, I don't know if my friend actually got this, she didn't mention it. But it's been about 6 weeks since I mailed it, I just have to pray it didn't get lost going over the border).

Sorry I didn't crop these, but you get the idea from the pictures.



And the card I made for my goddaughter that I posted about a couple of weeks ago. She loved it, my friend said she was making monkey sounds when she saw it. (She turned two).



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That layout is awesome, really love how you did the yellow, and the title is awesome! And the cards are great, too! I'm sure your friend appreciated it and that's funny that your goddaughter acted like a monkey when she got it.

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all really nice work girl Smile I'm sure your friend got it ok. That's a beautiful card.

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The angel baby card is amazing Gwen. I don't think you could've made a more appropriate sweet card for the occasion. I'm sure it meant a lot to her.

And the layout is great! love the yellow background! creative!

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that LO is awesome!! that card is really sweet. i love the angel wings on it. and the monkey one is adorable! i love monkeys!

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Love, love, love the LO! I can't believe you cut the paper by hand and were able to make it look exactly the same on the other page! I am dying to know what font that is, I have to download that one! The angel card is just gorgeous, I am sure your friend was very touched by it (I hope she indeed got it!). The monkey card is so cute!

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LOVE the LO!!! its just adorable and the font is perfect!!!!

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Awesome LO Gwen!! That is such a neat idea and you did it really well!! I am totally digging that font too. Great job!

Your cards are really nice too.

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Very cool, I love the angel baby card it is so sweet. The 8th birthday one is super cool too, I love how bright and festive it is!

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Thanks for the mirror image idea, I am going to use that for sure! That is such a POW page. The monkey card is great yoo. What a sad thing about your friend. My heart goes out to her.