My girls' stats (totally OT and XP)

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My girls' stats (totally OT and XP)

So, both girls went to the doctor today for their urinary reflux check ups. Dylan will be one on Monday, so I'm calling this her one year stats. Smile

Dylan is 20lbs, 7oz and 27.5 inches
Scout is 24lbs and 32 inches.

And Dylan was my preemie! ROFL

In happy news, Scout's reflux is improving. Last June, they wanted us to consent to surgery but we opted to wait and see how she did. Today they said she was improving so much that they no longer recommend surgery at all. Yahoo

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Sounds like they are both just perfect! Hooray!

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Yay Carrie! Love good news like that...on both accounts. Good for you!!

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That is very good news!!!!!!

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Great news!!!

I think it's funny that your premie weighs more than my 1 year old!!! He's destined to be a twig Wink

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sounds like they're growing great! and that's great that surgery isn't needed.

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I'm so glad that surgery isn't needed! Glad both girls are growing so well too! I seriously cannot believe that Dylan is 1!