My holiday cards

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My holiday cards

well, everyone in the exchange should have gotten my cards already, so I'll share here. Wink

Here's the family card that I mailed

2009 card web

And then I made a card for the kids to each give their teachers with the same design. Smile

jordan card web

natalie card web

Andrew didn't want me to use his ornament picture, he wanted this one. The pose and location were totally his idea.

andrew card web

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LOVE it Gwen! That picture is just great, and I LOVE the idea of using each single photo as their card for their teachers! Biggrin Great job!

As for Andrew- sounds like he is becoming a photographer's child. He's thinking like you now! Lol WTG Andrew!

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They look great!

I love those big balls I may have to look for some to use in pictures for next year

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those are great!! the 1st pic is definitely the cutest pic ever!!! Biggrin

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simply LOVELY Gwen!!! I know all who get these will cherish them! I think I'll do like you next year for Loli's teachers.


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Awesome cards. Love the family picture, so cute.

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What a great idea to use their individual pics! SO cute!

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those look awesome Gwen! (of course I wouldn't expect anything less from you ;-))

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oooh! Very nice Gwen!!!

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Love the pic on the card... too sweet! I got tickled with Andrew's stud man pose! ROFL

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I loooooved the card!! And so cool that you gave the kid's teachers an individual card. Andrew's so out ladies. Wink

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Andrew and my Austin would get along GREAT I think. Smile What a handsome young man, well heck, all your kiddos are gorgeous girl. Smile Love the pics. TFS I too may use our big ornaments next year for pics.

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Love the card and those red doors!

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Wow! Those are so cute! I love how each kid got to give one to their teacher! Smile

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