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My latest

Have done these three in the last few weeks.

This page went along with Austin's 3rd birthday party collage. We had Batman (uncle Dave) come to his party. Batman was his hero at the time.It was sooo fun. The part that says Batman is hidden journaling that tells the tale too.

Then shortly after was our 10 year anniversary and DH surprised me with a trip to Niagra Falls. All he got was a lousy gun safe. Smile

THat third one didn't turn out quite the way I had planned, but I left it well enough alone. Smile TFL guys!

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UGH!!! I have rotated that last page and everything and still can't get it to show up straight!! Sorry!

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LOL @ the comment about the gun safe. They look great, I really love the blocking on the last one!

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they look great! the batman party one makes me laugh because it reminds me of my 3rd bday party. batman came to my party and i was terrified of him! haha unforunately for me, my parents recorded it! LOL

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1. oooh, I love the yellow mattes. The design is perfect!! And I love that you have hidden journaling....great job!

2. The frames around the hearts is great! Beautiful and such a sweet anniversary to remember!


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Those are great! I really like the way you matted the pictures on the 3rd one. TFS

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That's funny because I love the 3rd one. I think it's how you used natural stone type colors while showing off a natural geologic phenomenon. It really makes it stand out to me and I enjoy the selective matting!

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The 3rd one is my favorite too! I like them all Carrie! Great job.

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Great job! I especially love the last one. The neutral colors were perfect for that! Now I've gotta try a page with all neutrals!

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Your Batman page -- all the fonts especially rock! We went to Niagara Falls on our honeymoon!

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Great Job on the pages! The batman page is so cute!

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I can't pick a favorite. I think I like the last one best but the second one is so sweet and Austins face in the third one says it all.

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Carrie holy cow girl look at you! Those are great! I love the yellow frames and the smaller pics all down one side. The second one is so sweet I love the hearts and the third has the best pics, I love how you got so many on a page!

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Carrie, those are great! Love that first one. And on the 10 year layout, we used that same quote on our wedding invitations. Smile That came out really nice!