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My latest ...

First, here's my redo of Jack's 7 months. Tia freakin' rocks! I loved her idea, and I reprinted the journaling with blue text and cut the brackets from the patterned paper, to tie everything together. However, I ruined the paper when I took up the black brackets and had to start with a new red piece ... I like the new red better so it worked out. I really love the end result!! There are blue and green staples holding the transparent letters.

If you didn't see the previous version, it's here (along with the journaling)

This is for the grandparent challenge. This was a lot of fun, I colored the letters with colored pencils while still on my Cricut mat, and as a result, they have a texture (from the mat itself). Neat!!! I don't like the colors in the picture with Andrew, so will replace that (so much pickier now with colors, crazy). And I accidentally gave my dad a haircut in the picture with Jordan, so need to reprint that too.

And some recent cards I made ... hope Charys already got hers before looking here. I love how her card turned out, but I forgot to round the top corner before I sent it to her. Loved hers so much that I made a similar one for my sister. And the blue one is Jack's - I stressed over his, which was silly.

Okay, back to my crop corner for twenty more minutes. Working on a matching page from the phone tag layout, decided to make a two page layout. Wink Can't share that until we're done with phone tag, as I'd want to post both together.

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Great work! I love the 7 mo. page and the brackets. I have yet to try that. Love the grandpa page too. How neat to color the letters on the mat.

I love your cards too!

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I love the way the 7 month LO turned out! Great granpa LO too! The cards are also really good. You are on a roll, I haven't been able to scrap much lately, the boys have prevented me from doing anything because they want to scrap also but then they need help with EVERYTHING.

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The letters turned out great, I kind of figured Tia would have the right advice. That paper is way redder than the other pic showed huh, lol. The grandparents one looks great too, the texture on the letters added a cool touch.

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awe, I am so glad you used my idea! I always wanted to try that but did not want to take the time and end up not liking it. I love how it turned out so now I have to do it for sure! Also very cool how you made the bracket match, it really ties the whole page together. Great job on the grandparents page and cards Smile

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love your 7-month re-do! the brackets in the pp look great!!

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gosh, you need to start submitting Gwen! This page rocks!! Love how Tia's idea came out! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my card!!! Guys, it's even prettier IRL, if you can imagine. Thank you again my sweet friend!!! It arrived on my birthday, so that made it even more special. :bigarmhug:

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Those are all so good Gwen. I too LOVE how you redid the came out so neat. The cards I especially love cause they are so simple, yet so neat. And the GP LO is so good too. TFS

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I really love how that layout turned out, and I love the grandparents one too!