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My latest

A couple LOs and a simple card

Card for DH's birthday

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Love the dog layout!! Everything looks good.

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those are great LOs. It is hard to pick a fave, but I suppose the dog one is my fave...hmm, yeah, hard to pick!

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great work girl. I love everything about that dog one!

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Those look great! LOVE the dog one! Fantastic!!

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what fun layouts! love that first one, that's a big dog! and the birthday card is really nice.

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Really love that first one, and the flower cluster on the second! and nice card, too!

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Your flower is so cool on the second layout! Love these from you Carrie! Great job! I bet your DH loved the card too!! When is his birthday? My DH's birthday is tomorrow.

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I really like the water boy LO, the flower is really pretty and the whole thing is layed out so nicely. I'm jealous of your dog too, I love giant dogs! I'm sure DH will love/loved the birthday card, it looks great and perfect for a masculine card.

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Thanks guys! The dog is a great pyrenees. I don't have him anymore, had to give him up when we moved. I LOVED that dog!! What a GREAT one he was. I appreciate all the nice feedback.

And Charys, his birthday was Sept. 2nd.

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Great pages and a great card, too!

I love the blocking on your dog LO. The flower and the color scheme are so pretty on the second one! And I love that you made your DH his birthday card. Smile

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Those are great LOs! I especially love the best friends one! What a great card too!