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my latest few

I threw this frame together for my cousin's wedding we just went to cuz my yappy lil sister goes "I bet Karen makes you a wedding scrapbook!" :eek: lol

These cards are for Wayne's sister Carol and niece Vicky in England

And this is a lo I made last night. Lemme know if you have trouble reading it. The anni-verse-ary was a total accident as I had no extra of that paper and couldn't fit in "anniversary" in one piece once I started....but this works! lol

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i love the anniversary one!! thats pretty cool
the frame is pretty sand the cards are gerat as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All of it is great, but I have to say that your anniversary LO is awesome!! What a beautiful story too..can't believe they had the SAME verse. How inspiring!! TFS that beautiful memory with us.

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Wow, those are all great. You did a perfect job on the frame and I love that anniversary LO.

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Karen, that anniversary page is sooo sweet and pretty! I love how you used your name definitions on it and the story is amazing. Isn't that so neat?? Great verse too. And the "Anni-VERSE-ary" title was perfect.

I bet the couple loves the wedding frame too!!

Those are both pretty cards too! Your handwriting is so nice you can easily hand-write on yours.

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Those are great! I love the frame.