My latest layouts- PIC HEAVY

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My latest layouts- PIC HEAVY

I have been scrapping SO much in my time off from the daycare kids. I am lving all this hobby time and hubby time! lol

Here are my latest pages. I still have to post the MANY cards I've done the last few weeks. I am way behind on posting but have been doing a lot of scrapping.

(font is from Winter Woodland)

(just noticed my "&" square fell off...will fix that later)

(seal is from Everyday Paper Dolls)

(these are Wayne's nephews who are 25 and 27 now...I wanted to draw attn to the matching outfits but Wayne asked if I could make it something less sissy. LOL. And what's more manly than a Clint Eastwood quote. lol

This is Wayne's best friend Tony. They've been friends for about 23 years and are more like brothers. Sadly this is the only pic we have of him! LOL! I am working on getting some more Smile I had no idea what to do for this page cuz Wayne said no embellishments and make it as guyish as possible. Most of my stuff is pink and yellow

this is one of my faves Smile The cutouts are from everyday paper dolls...this is my sister and I Smile

this one is using a photo of a drawing my niece did for wayne and I Biggrin

I have a bunch of daycare pages I've done too but I will post those afer I have time to blur their faces out k?

Thanks for looking!! Biggrin

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gosh you really have been busy. I am jealous of all of your scrappy time! These look great!

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Thanks for sharing! I really LOVE the scotland page! Also the one with Waynes BF is awesome. I love that paper (at least I think it is paper)

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Those are great!
You have been busy!

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They rock! You have such a neat scrapbooking style that you carry into your cards too. I love it! You can make each page so very personal. Love the Here Lucy page! Such a cool design!

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Wowzers!!! LOVE all of these! I really like the Here Lucy page, but am loving that monkey on the next page too. Great work girl.

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these are amazingggg! i LOVE the scotland page!!

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I LOVE the one with the drawing on it! We have a ton of those because we used them as our wedding centerpieces (wedding pictures drawn by daycare kids!) and I never in a million years thought to scrapbook them. Very nice work!

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Oh, man! Those are great. I love the suitcase in the first one especially. The titles/ lettering is great in them all, too

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WOW!!! these layouts ROCK!!!!!! I love how you used the suitcase in the the first one. and the dolls with the towels on their heads made me giggle, perfect for that layout. but I just adore that you did a layout with the picture your niece drew, that's AWESOME!

oh, and the stand still & smile one, I totally relate and love that you used that for a title, perfect!

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Those are all fab!! Your layouts always impress me girl! Yahoo

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great pages!!!!

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Those are all great, but I really love the first one with teh suitcase, what a great idea! Glad you're enjoying your time off too! Smile