My latest pages and card

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My latest pages and card

Here's what I've been up to. All of the pages below use at least part of a scrapbook kit I inherited from a friend (came with a post bound book and everything, I'm so lucky she gave it all to me!).

My friend's birthday was this week, so I made her a card. I'm so happy with how it turned out. But it took forever to make because I was surfing the boards at the same time, silly me. The patterned paper and flower came from the kit, I already had the other paper and ribbon.

I started a layout yesterday of our whirlwind trip to FL back in Dec (basically, we had one full day there - we spent 2 nights at the Nick Hotel and about 8 hours at the Magic Kingdom).

Here's the before shot while I was trying to figure out colors and such.

And here's the layout. Instead of journaling, I captioned all of the pictures to describe what we did. I inked the edges with brown ink (that I had to go buy today, otherwise I probably would have finished the layout yesterday). The hotel keycard and arcade card are in clear plastic envelopes.

And then the kit came with a couple of pre-designed pages, perfect for this picture! Cutting the tiny letters with the cricut was a pain though. So I didn't do any work outside of the tag for it, nice! This is for Jordan's professional pictures book.

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Wow Gwen!!

1. the card is beautiful! She will love it!
2. I think that was fun how you took a "before" pic. Lol
3. I love everything about the trip LO! The way you captioned each photo is perfect when you used so many photos. You can always go back and remember each moment now. I had fun reading them all myself. Smile I've saved it to my scraplift folder, so if we ever do a whirlwind trip or something like that, I can get a lot of photos on a page and still make it really nice.
4. the professional pic page is nice too!!

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Those are great!!
Whirlwind trips are awesome!

(I'm about to threadjack, sorry...)
We took one of those in stepdaughters walked in the door from school and there was a suitcase outside their door and a list of what to pack. We told them they had 20 minutes to get it together and we were out the door! We never told them where we were going until 8 hours later when they saw the "Welcome to Canada" sign....we went to Niagara Falls! Biggrin We spent the whole next day there, and came back the following day. Just a weekend trip, but so much fun and a total surprise Biggrin
(end of threadjack....sorry I just had to share!)

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Great job!!! I have that same pack a girlfriend gave to me for Christmas last year. It does have some great stuff in it!

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That is adorable!

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Those are great! We were at Disney in December 07, too. I have a ton of pictures that I need to organize so that I can scrapbook them ;).

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Awww, I love all of them. The last page worked out really nice for his professional photo. Good job on journaling for that tag.

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Great job on the card, I love how you fit so many pictures on 1 page and get it to look good. When I try I don't ever think it looks right. Great lo's. Woohoo for a premade page. My sister just gave me a album its 8.5x11 and it already has premade pages inside, really neat.

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Wow Gwen! You're really knocking out some fantastic pages! That card is simply stunning - I know I would just melt to get a card like that! GREAT JOB! Love the l/o as well, but I think my favorite of the bunch is the last one. The colors and pp you chose are just so perfect. They give it a real timeless feel. Smile And the tiny letters might have been hard, but they sure look awesome.


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Oh I LOVE that last one! Love all of them but that was def. my fav!

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love love love everything!!! Amazing work~

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Great lo's! I love the card, it's so beautiful and elegant. I really like how you laid out all the pictures for the fl trip. It looks really good.

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thanks, girls!!!

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those are great!!