My latest "professional picture" pages

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My latest "professional picture" pages

Here are the pages I got done today. Will have to come back to reply to new threads as I have to get kids to CCD classes. Smile

Jack's 8 month layout - I got this paper over the weekend, and I just love the brightness (good thing I bought 3 sheets!)

Family picture for Andrew's 8x10 book

Andrew's kindergarten pictures - good thing I had a yearbook to look up the names of all of the kids. Andrew only remembers a handful of the kids at this point.

And a picture Andrew took of me while I was working on the pages Wink

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1. Those frogs are so cute on there like that!! And I love the pp you used for the title.

2. Beautiful picture...beautiful colors!

3.This double-layout is perfect! Love it!

and GREAT pic of you!! Smile I need something like that for my avatar. Wink

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Where did you get that frog from? That pic is just adorable!

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I love those LOs thanks for sharing. You always have the greatest brads and eyelets.....where do you get them all?

Love that pic of you as should be your avatar

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I agree with pp - those frogs are so cute! I really like the purple and blue combo on the second one. That two page LO is great; the pages really compliment each other nicely! Hmmm...maybe I'll have to teach Evan how to take pictures (okay, teach him how to take a picture that is not of the floor or the ceiling, hee hee) so that I can have a photo or two of myself! DH is a slacker in the photography department!

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I love the froggie he's holding and how you tied it together with the froggy brads. Wonderful stuff!

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They are all great, your kids are beautiful Gwen as are you!!! TFS

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1. I COVET (yes covet) that green plaid paper you used for the letters. LOL
2. I don't think I would have thought to use that color combo, but it works SOOO well. Awesome color expansion.
3. Cap and Gown. Wow. Reminds me of an Incredibles quote. But I love the use of numbers, and pairing his class picture with his graduation picture. I may have to rethink my idea for what I was going to do with Caleb's picture. (I was thinking of making him a "kindergarten highlights" book with the scrapbook from his teacher, and then adding his school and class picture, some select saved school work and art work and then his yearbook.)
4. Wow, you look glowing. Scrapbooking makes you glow. LOL Smile

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Great pages, you really have a good eye for color and making the photos pop off the page! And thanks for the pic of yu - always nice to 'see' ppl Smile

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Awww, just love the family pic Smile

Way to go on getting a bunch done. It is fabulous that you were able to get all of those names.

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Ditto what everyone else said!

Great job on getting so much accomplished!