My latest project...(pic heavy)

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My latest project...(pic heavy)

So, unfortunately I haven't been able to scrap any of Shiloh's baby book because I have been going crazy making Christmas gifts for my family. Every year I make a family calendar for each of them. I did my family's calendar digitally this year. I thought you all might like to see them.













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what a great idea!!!! and digital is so much easier for something like that than paper. Wink I love the filmstrips one, too cool! but every month is really great.

glad to see you back here. Wink

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They are great. You make such great pages. Your family will just love them.

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Your family is so blessed to have you. Biggrin Those are such pretty pages for a calendar! I bet they are thrilled when they get them. How is Shiloh? She's so cute in the pics.

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That's gorgeous!

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that is so cute....i LOVE the pics on the august page! Smile

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that is awesome!!
very beautiful

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Gorgeous! Your family will love it!!

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It's beautiful! Your family will love them!

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Those are awesome! You did a great job and they will ADORE them! TFS!

How is Shiloh!? We would love some new pics! Wink

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Those are absolutely fantastic!!!! How awesome and a great gift idea.