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My latest stuff

Sorry for the odd glare on these, I am at work and have weird lighting.

First the page I messed up last week, I finished it, I originally had the pics in a totally different kind of lo, but I think this works ok to.
This is also my first try at sewing, inking edges, and distressing paper (the green strip)
Bradley Pompeii/Science Museum Page

Pic of the pics spread out and the tag

Abby's halloween page

Gabriel's 1st haircut

Gabriel's 4th of July

Matthew's 4th of July Page

Matthew's Pompeii Page

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those are great! I have found that if I take the picture at a slight angle, the glare goes away and the page is better captured (for when I can't take pictures in natural light). you see more of my table that way, but the picture overall is better (see my weekend work thread to get what I'm talking about).

anyhow, those are terrific pages! the pictures tags are awesome, totally stealing that idea! I love the ribbons on the first haircut page. and what did you use for your guide in cutting the big circle with the pictures? I'm trying to find a way to cut big circles better - I've used a bowl to outline and I've printed the largest cricle possible with Word. my circle cutter only goes to 6" diameter.

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I love love love your 4th of july page i'm going to have to scraplift that if you don't mind.

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those are great! I love the stitching been wanting to do this myself
I also like the 4th of july one with the stars!! awesome job

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Great pages!!! TFS

Know what you mean about the wierd glare! I took some pictures of some pages last night and just couldn't seem to get it right. So they have weird glares over them.

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awesome pages....
love the 4th of july one with all the stars.

yes please tell us how you got the circle so large....

looking into buying circle and several shape cutters soon

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What great LOS! I too love the 4th of July one. Biggrin The 1st haircut one is cute too!

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Thank you ladies!

That large circle is from a plate. Biggrin I keep wanting to buy circle shapes but never seem to get around to it.

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I like the circle pattern on the 4th of July one. I can also see all the work you put into that first pae, with the pictures and the sewing. It looks wonderful.

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That first page is so cool how you put all the pics like a keychain. That idea is definitely saved to my lift folder. The stitching is nice too! Did you do it my hand, or use a sewing machine?
And I love, love, love the July 4th page. The way you put all the pics in a circle and finished it with stars is fabulous. WtG!
That last pages is awesome too.
TFS all those with us! i love your work!!

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Awesome LOs! I like how you hung the photos on the first one - what a great way to have several pictures on the page without using too much space! The 4th of July one with the big circle is my favorite!

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Great lo's, I love the first haircut lo, the colors are great.

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I love them all but the Pompeii pages and the 4th are my favs.