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My latest stuff

-font from Jasmine

Card for my friend who just found out she is expecting
-card from plantin schoolbook and cut from New arrival

Anniversary Card for Dh's sister
-card from New Arrival bag from plantin schoolbook

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cute cards!!! and i love the colors of the bride pages!!

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nice stuff! I love the expecting card Biggrin

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Cute Lena. You've been busy girl!!! What is the bag??? Is it also a card? Very cute.

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Yay! Lots of cards to look at. That expecting card is so sweet.

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It is just a bag that I filled with chocolate for Dh's sister's anniversary.

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those are great cards!!!! I really love the pregnant one, so cute!

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The board is so full of cards this week, that's awesome! I love the pregnancy card the best (but they're all great) and I love the colors you chose for the Bride page!

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