My latest two

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My latest two

Still plugging along. These are both from 2005 still. Smile

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CARRIE! Is that stitching on your page! Those are both the best pages ever! I love how you put the title at the bottom on the bottom. I am lifting that first one for sure!

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Those look great. I love the stitching on the top one and I really like the dark mats on the bottom one.

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Ooh, I really like this!! That striped paper in the middle is just the right accent paper!

And I love how you were able to feature all three photos. I am really having trouble with that, so this is going in my scraplift folder too!

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Those are great Carrie. I love the layout of the 2nd one. Did you pull the ribbon through the buttons and tie a bow?

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Awww....thanks guys! Thanks to yall I have really changed my style huh? LOL

Tia, that is not machine stitching, just hand drawing. Smile See how it's messed up on the bottom row??? LOL

Kelly, yes, I did pull the ribbons through on that one. Not easy, but accomplished it. Smile

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Definitely some of your best work. You are getting SO good Carrie!

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:eek:Carrie!! That first page is going straight in my lift folder! LOVE everything about it! wow girlie! And awesome 2nd page too! These are my new faves of yours'! There's no way I could tell that was hand-drawn looks real!

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looking good! love how you organized the first one (and the ribbon is a nice touch!). totally digging the second page, it rocks!

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great work! I love the ripped paper on the dog one. It looks great Smile ...I imagine you get a lot of that with 6 dogs. lol

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Carrie, they are awesome. I love how you are doing some cool things like the lines that kind of look like stitching, etc.