My latest work....

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My latest work....

Hi ladies! I wished I got to participate in the VC but Tyler's naps have gone from 3 to 1 to 2 hours since the paci was taken away. I got inspired by a Stampin Up party, the consultant and her work, so I whipped out my first cards! (Not including my x-mas cards. LOL) I still have a lot to learn when creating cards, first, on perfecting my stamping abilities. LOL

Thanks for looking!

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Those look great! I really love the card lower left (the yellow one). I'm a stripes freak!

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Aww I like the penguin one, the bottons are used creatively. The cards are really good too, I want to go to a stamping party I would probably buy a whole bunch because I can't help myself.

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i love the cards! Smile Great job on the pages as well.

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Great work Aja! A couple of those LOs went into my lift folder. The use of buttons on the penguin one is really creative. TFS

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Those cards are awesome!! Great job!

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Great job on everything! I love the penguin one, it would be great for the texture challenge. Hope your doing well besides the nap adjustment!

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Love them!!! I put all your los in my scraplift folder as I have a TON of pics from an aquarium trip we took last Sept!!! YAY!

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I'm scraplifting the aquarium LO! I have some aquarium pics to scrap still. My fav is the penguin LO.

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Aja, you've been busy! Love the cards and the pages look great. I'm digging the buttons, especially the layout with the hanging pictures. and that jellies page is NEAT!

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i LOVE the penguin LO!!! the buttons are a great attention grabber for me. and your cards came out great!!

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VERY COOL! I just love how you used those buttons in the pinguin lo! Seriously the page looks like you can step right into it! Also love the fibers on the card!!!!