my latest work. VERY PIC HEAVY!

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my latest work. VERY PIC HEAVY!

I hope I don't crash someone's computer showing so many pics at once! I've been soooo into scrapping the last week again; it's been nice Biggrin

For Wayne's Dad now we're back from England

For my Grandma...all these ones are for her because she's moving to a retirement home and I want to send her one a week to keep in touch and make her smile Smile The little animals are just copies from an animal coloring sheet I had for the kids (let me know if you want it!) ...and thank you Charys for the "Oh Happy Day" Biggrin

Then I had made so many cards for other people and kept showing them to Wayne that I whipped up this card and said "what do you think?" He goes "umm..that's a bit romantic looking for your Grandma!" I opened it up and it had a sweet message for him. It really caught him off-guard and he blushed and said "you nutter..." lol.

This page is for the animal challenge on the board. I love that little guy! This page was fun but took too long. I really need to get me a Cricut Wink

These are of my Dad from photos I got from his house Smile

Thanks for looking! Biggrin

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I love them all!! The autumn one is very beautiful!

Too funny about the milk!

You sure have been busy, but they are all really really great!

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I love the A to Z card! That idea is brilliant!

Too cute about the card for Wayne! Biggrin

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They're all gorgeous!! I like the card you did for Wayne and i LOVE the motorbike layout! They're brilliant. Biggrin

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Wow Karen! Those are all so fabulous! I loved looking through them all! The cards are all brilliant and so cute! Love how you used those animals from coloring books...a SUPER cute idea! And so sweet to send them to your grandma.

The LOS are all so neat, but I especially love the autumn one. That picture your father took is so pretty and all the colors you chose and everything are PERFECT for it. Nice job! They are all great though! The elephant one...Wow!! You did that elephant by hand??? KUDOS to you for that!

Great work...all of it! TFS

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Great Job Karen! You did an awesome job. I really love the bike LO. Great job!

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they are all great! i love the bike LO! those pics are awesome!!

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i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 the elephant is too cute!!! and what an awesome idea to send your gramma a card a week!!! Biggrin

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I'm having such a hard time replying to this in light of your other post, but I must because this work is so nice Karen!
I especially love the "It Runs in the Family" layout. How cool are those old photos of your family combined with the new?? That's what scrapbooking is all about to me!! LOVE it!!
And the cards are are such a sweet person to send your grandmother a card a week. That's going to mean so very much to her.
Please don't tell me you hand-cut all the letters and elephant in the Tunga layout?? You need a cricut girl! Next time tell me what letters/shapes you want and I'll have them out to you ASAP! It turned out DARLING though!
TFS your beautiful work with us. {{{{HUGS}}}}

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i love the elephant LO and the motorcycle LO! Awesome work all around, but those are my faves! Did you draw that elephant? IF so, you rock!

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Wow, all the cards are great - I really love the one for your grandma. And the layouts are all awesome, but the autumn one is my fave, the colors are perfect for that gorgeous photo!

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Everything is awesome! I love your creativity and the heart you put into everything!

I love that you send your grandma a card a week. I love that you and Wayne are soooooo sweet to each other! And I love that you're doing layouts about your dad!

My favorite one is the elephant page -- so much work, but it fits together perfectly! I love the colors and the way you arranged everything.

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girl, where do you find the time!? you've been busy! the cards look great, but the one for Wayne is my favorite. love the story that goes with it. and I really enjoyed seeing the pages with your dad's photos, they're wonderful!

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Those are great! I really love the It runs in the family layout. Smile You have been busy lately!!! Biggrin

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I love the motorcycle family past ones that is such a neat idea! And you Dad with the milk is funny too.

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Wow you have been busy! I LOVE the elephant page and what a sweet idea about the card a week! All her friends will be so jealous of her! That photo your dad took is just beautiful and too funny about the card you made for Wayne!

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You really have been busy! Awesome cards and LOs!