My lil cupcake LO (is this missing something?)

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My lil cupcake LO (is this missing something?)

Made this lo yesterday and I like it but I just think it is missing something. Should I ink the edges in orange or blue ink or any other idea's? Just feels unfinished to me???



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OMW look how big he's gotten!!!!

LOVE the usual. i love your work

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i dont think it looks "unfinished" I love it the way it is. I especially like the foil cupcake wrapper used in the LO

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it doesn't look unfinished to me at all. I love it! and he's way too cute!

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I agree, we need to see more pics of him. He looks soooo much like Tyson now doesn't he? Wow!! Gorgeous LO girl! Love the blue foil in the pics that matches the wrapper. So neat!!

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i think it looks unfinished to you because its more simple than your usual pages, but it definitely works for this page! LOVE the foil, very nice touch!

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Super cute Tia, love the cupcake wrapper frame around the circle pic. I think it looks great. if you did some inking I would do a subtle blue around the sides so it doesn't distract too much.

I agree we need more updated pics, look how big he has gotten!

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What about drawing 'stitching' around the outside? Or just lines? I like it that way it is but that is just another idea for you:)

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Nothing is missing!! Really! This is FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cupcake wrapper foil rocks.

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i think it looks great as is... but if you wanted to ink the outside that would look great as well Biggrin

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Could you do a little stitching or edging on the top left corner?

I think it looks fabulous!

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It's fab how it is chick. Smile

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Thanks everyone for the idea's. I think Charys can just fly in and draw her perfect lines and then it will look finished to me. Okay Charys ?:D I am so happy to be scrapping agin I was in a rut for so long. The stitching is also a great idea Smile

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He's so adorable.... I would leave the LO as is. Can't believe he's getting so big and he does look so much like Tyson.