My most favorite page yet...

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My most favorite page yet...

I guess I can't call it my favorite since my kids are not in it but I love how it turned out. This is a page I will be selling.
I made the entire carrige by hand and placed each rhinestone on one at a time (This took me days) I also made the pumpkins myself but I was not sure about adding them since they were orange. I cut all the grass out of a sheet of heavy cardstock and made the tag that pops out. I hope someone who has a baby girl will buy and enjoy this page. I put so much work into it that I might have to get pregnant again and keep it. j/k







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It is beautiful. What amazing detail and thought.

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It IS amazing!! How would you justify a price?

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What a precious idea! I love the pumpkins and the carriage! You did an amazing job! I am SURE it will sell fast! Biggrin

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that is BEAUTIFUL! what an amazing page!!!!! I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

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That is gorgeous!

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So beautiful!! Nice job!

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Beautiful work! I can't believe how creative and detailed you are!

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AMAZING. If I had spare cash, I'd buy it. Wink

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oh WOW!!:eek: Biggrin

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