My national sb day

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My national sb day

Okay so I knew yesterday I wanted to scrap no matter what so I woke up and right as I was going in my scrap room Jazz wakes up to tell me about her project she has to do for school. She had to decorate a tin can so I help her with it and that took up my first hour. Well then I hear Damien get up so I get him and then have to stop and clean since he puts anything in his mouth and my floors were not washed. I end up cleaning everyroom and the bathrooms so a few hours later and kids are hungry. UGH I just want to scrap. Okay kids are fed Damien is good so into my scrapbook room I go till the phone rings. It's my sister who is asking if my dh is home. hey just moved into their first home!!!!!! We helped he prior but they had a few things they could not get so dh gets home from work soon after and we go there. 2 hours later back at home and dh said are you going to get grocerys today??? Oh and to mention I lost 500.00!!!!! that morning and was looking everywhere for it! That is why I had not gone grocery shopping yet. Well I found it so I tell him I GUESS! I figure I can go sb shopping also if I shop at walmart. Well Jazz and I went shopping and the boys stayed home. I did not end up finding anything sb related. Oh well, I will shop in my store lol. ANOTHER hour or 2 later and we get home. Dh leaves a note that the boys and him took a walk! Perfect!!! Now I can scrap. So I put the 15 bags of grocerys away and once again go into my scrap romm. Well there goes the phone again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! It was dh saying they found a really neat waterfall and asked if we would walk down and join them. My first thought was ummm I really want to scrap to celebrate nsd but I said okay. We met them at this beautiful waterfall and dh and Damien and I all sat down watching the kids have so much fun throwing rocks in the water. We stayed there till 8:00 at night and then walked back and cooked out. So needless to say by then I was beat but my mood changed. I started to think if it were not for my family I would not scrapbook at all and so I guess I did celebrate nsd since I spent the whole day with them. Smile Okay now I am really off to scrap! LOL thanks for reading if you got this far Smile

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Tia, I always get in those mind sets that I AM GOING TO SCRAP today. I think its easy to feel disappointed b/c we all set goals, but truly it sounds like your time was spent all good and well. Does it really matter that someone declared it scrap day? Nah, you can scrap any day. One day those kiddos will be grown and gone from home and you'll beg for them to come back and take your time!!!

Oh yeah, if it makes you feel better I never even went in my scrap room yesterday!! Just spent a nice day with DH

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"tialee" wrote:

I started to think if it were not for my family I would not scrapbook at all and so I guess I did celebrate nsd since I spent the whole day with them. Smile

Smile You got it! Sounds like your day took a lovely turn after all

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You hit the nail on the head there. I've done that many many times where I set aside a day or time in my head that I want to scrapbook. But things end up turning out where I don't get any time to, and I have to tell myself that if it wasn't for family time and things I wouldn't even be scrapbooking!! Yesterday I packed a picnic lunch and we all went to the park and took a lovely walk, threw rocks in the river, ate lunch, played some more and headed home. I wouldn't have traded any scrapbooking for that! So you're right....NSD turned out wonderful in its own way!

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Sounds like you and Charys both had GREAT NS days Tia! I too spent the morning with friends at the local coffee shop, sans kids, and then packing with my family, so it's all good!!

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you are so cute!!!!!! and I completely relate to how your day went.

I didn't get to scrap either, even though I wanted to. just no way to do it with the events going on here.