My National Scrapbooking Day

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My National Scrapbooking Day

On NSD, I went to a friend's house to celebrate her birthday. Seeing as how she was the one to turn me on to scrapbooking, she held a card party. We spent the evening eating, chatting, and making cards. Here are some of our creations.

Here is a birthday shaker card. The gumballs in the machine move around.

Here is a graduation hat.

Here is a tri-fold card for Mother's Day. It has 2 pockets on the inside, one for a notecard and one for giftcard.

I put a magnet I made in one of the pockets.

This is another trifold card. I was playing with a cuttlebug and discovered a love of white ink with this one.

And finally this is the desktop calendar. It was sooo easy to make and I just loved how it turned out.

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wow very cool. you did an excellent job. great cards....

how did u do the shaker card?

did u use tutorials for all your cards or just went with an idea?

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My friend had all the ideas all ready to go. With the shaker card, she downloaded and printed out the gumball machine. Then we cut out the center and glued acetate over the hole (we used pieces of a cricut mat cover). Then we used markers to color in. I made the gumballs out of a hole punch. We then took a white piece of paper (I embossed a few gumballs for background and used foam squares to attach it to the machine picture. You have to make sure you have a complete seal so the pieces don't fall out. Then we glued the whole thing to a card.

I am sure there are better instructions or a tutorial. I believe she got most of the projects from

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oh wow! What a fun birthday party idea!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you made! The gumball card was great. What a good way to use up the plastic covers off the old cricut mats. And the desk calendar is great. TFS.

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I just had so much fun playing with new stuff! I definitely want to get a white pen and white stamp ink. She has a lot of Stampin' Up stuff and it seemed really cool. It's expensive but I'm pretty sure I can find some stamps that I like at HL when they are on sale. Now I know how to use them! The cuttlebug was neat for embossing but I don't know if I would use it enough to justify the expense. I LOVE the Stampin Up ink pads. The covers slide so I don't have to worry about losing them so i think I might invest in a few. I also love their collection of stamp wheels. And, they have a new gadget that helps to position stamps perfectly. I am ordering one this week!

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Everything is so cute! I love the gumball card- what a great idea. And I love love love the desktop calender, I may have to make one for myself (o.k. I will be making one for myself:D).

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All of these are great. I've never seen white ink used before - it looks gorgeous on that paper - beautiful work on everything!

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Nancy - WOW!!! You really did a bang up job on everything! I totally love the graduation hat - did you use a pattern? I have to make two graduation cards today, and I think I might lift that one from you. Wink And the white ink looks awesome! I wish I had a way to work with white ink like that. The calendar rocks. Can you take a better picture of the gumball card? That looks cool but I can't tell that the gumballs can move due to the picture quality. I'm intrigued by it. Wink

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Look at you go woman! You did a lot of creative things! So productive! I love everything. I want a desktop calendar, so I need to get started on one of those! TFS!

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WOW! You got so much done!!! I'm so jealous! Smile

Seriously though, these are some wonderful cards! You should be really proud! I *love* the calendar - such a cute idea!!!


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That was a cool birthday for her. Your cards are great!

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Wow, everything looks great!!! Nice job! TFS

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I am working on getting the templates from my friend. The cards were pretty easy to make just hard to explain. I am also trying to get better pictures but it's wet outside and the interior light is horrible. Also doesn't help that I have a very old and very cheap camera. I'll give you the info as soon as I can.

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LOVE that calendar!!!

And also I'm loving the look of the white ink! Need to put that on my list!

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They all turned out great! I really love the colors on the calendar!