My new kitchen wall

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My new kitchen wall

So I previously had a blank yellow kitchen wall..(actually dining room to be specific..) and I decided to do some decorating!

I'm pretty happy with it..and it is about the only scrapping I've done in MONTHS!

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Oh that is beautiful!!! Is the wording on the wall Vinyl?

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Yes it is....really easy to put up too.

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What a neat idea!

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Did you make the vinyl letters? Everything looks really awesome - I would love to do something like that in our master bedroom.



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WOW! I love it!!!! very creative!:D

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That is so neat! It turned out beautiful.
I may be copying you on something like that for K's room!

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Great job!! I love it!!

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How did you put up the vinyl? I love it!

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That is beautiful. If we ever buy a house I may copy that very idea. It's so cool.

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Wow! It's very beautiful!

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That looks wonderful!! I agree, I may have to copy your idea. Biggrin

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GREAT job! I really like the idea of what you did! Biggrin

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very beautiful

i'm using this very quote for a gift for my parents

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Looks great!! Are your letters from uppercase living? Or did you make them yourself?

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Oooh! That looks so nice. I'm curious about the letters, too. I've seen letters like that done with the Cricut when I saw one of their infomercials, so I was wondering if that's what you used. Beautiful!

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Is the lettering from Target? I've seen some things in there recently that are similar to that.

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I got the words at Craft Warehouse..but they were cut by a local gal. Now that QK is making vinyl for my Silhouette I can do some on my own. I also have a friend in the vinyl business so I have her do big ones for my classroom walls.

They were really simple to put up...I expected it to be a lot harder than it was. I have some for my scrap area, but since I haven't painted yet, I didn't want to do too much decorating that would then have to come back down.

Thanks for the comments...I just love sitting at the table looking at it.

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I really like that--great job

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