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    Default my new stuff

    so guess what happened the last few weeks....I am still in shock, but have to keep the story somewhat short...I haven't had a dentist since we moved back here 2 years ago and have have 2 abcesses recently...there was this big saga about no money for the work (2 root canals), as we have already put our deposit on our flight to england, and just trying to keep the infection away. So this dentist who i only know through one of our daycare moms phones me very concerned ...and guess what she did for me ??....$2000 worth of dental work on thursday, for FREE. I am still so floored. She was and is most certainly prayer answered. So I made these cards for her (Rae)and her assistant(Lori) and just need to find another way to say thank you. Can you believe that???

    This one I made for my best buddy in England who just had her baby boy

    these two are my contribution to the scrapbook me, all my siblings and step siblings, nieces and nephews, and my step dad are making my mom for her 50th birthday. I am so excited to see all their work especially since the kids are getting involved and will post pics of it once I get over there not this weekend but next

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    Wow, its so nice to see how there really are selfless people left in the world. Those cards are really nice I'm sure they will love them.

    The pages for your mom are really sweet too. Both are great with all the glittery cuts.

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    Woah! How kind of her to do that for you!!! And nice cards and los too!
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    wow that was very kind of her, what a good person! I love the quote you used on the first card it is perfect! Great work on everything

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    Wow, it's nice to hear about drs that aren't over the top about money and are willing to help someone in their community! I love the cards, especially Lori's. The pages are awesome! What a nice gift for your mom!

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    Wow Karen!! God is so gracious to put people like that in our lives isn't he? PTL for that, and congrats to you!

    Your cards and your LOs are GREAT!! You will be so happy to be home for a bit huh? TFS
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    Your cards are beautiful and what a nice thing to do for someone!

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    I'm so happy she did that for you Karen!! It's the boomerang affect: You kindness is coming back to you.

    BEAUTIFUL work! I especially love the layout you did of you and Wayne. The design is gorgeous.
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    What a sweet thing she did! Its really important That drs still do free work for people that need it. You're so good to send thank you's, and they are really cute too!

    I really love the second lay out, the two of you as kiddos and then older is just perfect! It will be fun for you to see what everyone else comes up with for their own pages. Thats a great gift idea for a family gift!

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    that is AWESOME that she did that for free! you're so right, she's an answer to prayers. those cards look terrific, they will love them. and the scrapbook pages for your mom are nice, love the childhood pictures of you and Wayne.
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