My Newest: 4 Generations

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My Newest: 4 Generations

[LEFT]I really like how this one turned out.

My DD is lucky enough to have 4 great-grandparents, which makes 4 generations on my side twice, and once on daddy's side. We got pictures of all 3 x 4 generations, and here they are!

The journalling is just the names of the people in the pictures and their 'prefered' titles (ie my grandma is GG to her great-grandkids, and my mom is Grandmom instead of Grandma).[/LEFT]

Thanks for looking!


Antique Paper Frames - Patricia Amaral
Tag - Treasures collection tag - Melissa Renfro
Flower - Wild Flowers - Christina Renee
Buttoning it Up - Gina Marie Huff
Background, torn note paper - Joyful Days kit - Vera Lim
Cardboard - Cardboard Maniac - Linda Gil Billdal
Stitching - Hand Sewn Neutrals - Katie Hadfield
Frippery Stars - Tracy Ann Designs
Fonts: CK Ali's Writing, CK Vogue[/LEFT]

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Very nice! I like the colors and that sunflower goes PERFECT!

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absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


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Great LO and I really like the sunflower. Looks 3D! Kaitlyn sure is lucky to have so many people to love on her. Smile

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Perfect page! Love everything about it.

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Beautiful!!! I love everything about it.

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What a sweet page!!

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What a beautiful page!

I was lucky enough to know 4 of my great grandparents as a young child and I had all of my grandparents until just before my 30th birthday. My time with them was SO special! Your LO made me tear up--what a neat thing to commemorate Biggrin

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AWESOME page! I love everything about it! What a sweet photo!

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Love it!

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Wow - that is awesome! How cool that she has so many great-grandparents. You did a fantastic job. I like that reddish colored paper, and the black and white photos look really good.

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Beautiful. I love the colors and elements you chose. How precious that you got all of the photos and made a page with them.

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what a great layout!!!! and I love the idea of it.

my last grandparent died this week ... she never met my 2 year old, I hadn't seen her in 4 years. so from my perspective, I really think your layout is a wonderful thing.