My newest cards

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My newest cards

DD picked out the colors and the cut for this one.

DS picked out the cut for this one

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Your cards are so pretty! I don't know how you have time to do it with three little ones underfoot! I feel like such a slacker for not using my paper-scrapping stuff everytime I see the wonderful stuff that you ladies come up with.

Thanks for sharing and giving me some inspiration to (maybe) get my stuff back out sometime!

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Love the one your DS picked out! That's so cute! Smile All of them are fabulous! The Fun card brought a smile to my I know it will to the lucky recipient.

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these are great! i love that fish in the fishbowl! adorable!

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these are great. I especially love the next to last one with all the ribbons down the side. I might have to save that in my scraplift folder. simple yet so CUTE!

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They're all lovely!! Smile

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I love all those animal cuts! They're super cute! Great job on your kids picking them out!

Your cards are all wonderful. I would love to receive any one of them. Smile

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Great cards! I would have to say my favs are the little outfit and the happy birthday one with the diff ribbons on the side! Great job!

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You are so good at your cardmaking Lena. I lvoe all of these, but especially the fish in the bowl. That one is so cute. Smile TFS

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super cute! you have awesome cards!!! how do you find the time? and I'm LOVING your new siggy! your kids are adorable. Smile

what cart did you cut the little pink outfit from?