My newest LOs

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My newest LOs

Hey girls! I introduced myself a while back, and then disappeared on you lol. I wasn't scrapping for a few months, but I've started again so I have a few LOs to share. Most of them are adapted from Valerie Salmon sketches - I'm a total newbie so it helps to start with some sort of framework! Some of them I haven't journalled yet, some I'm not going to Smile

These are a few cards I made:

For our anniversary to DH:

Fathers Day cards:


This was my own design. I think its a bit ugly, but it was tough to get those pics on a common background!

These two are my newest -

Thanks for looking!

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adorable LO's!!!
love the silly faces one!!

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Wow, you have been hard at work!! Those are all very nice, TFS! Smile

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nice work! my fave is "pretty peas" Smile

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Great pages and cards! I'm getting motivated Smile

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Hi Lisa!

Nice job! They're all really cute! My favorite is the growing girl one. I really like the font you picked and I'm a fan of now vs. then shots. Smile

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Those are all really good! Great job Biggrin Hey I'm in BC too !

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I think you did a great job with the cards, and I love your growing girl LO. Very creative.

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Glad to see you back Lisa!!

The Moppet Baby and Pretty Girl layouts are my faves, but all of them are great! The cards too. I like the last Father's Day card!

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Thanks, girls!

Beth - It took me forever to figure out how to get a title working for that one. The font is a stamp set, but I needed an ink that would stand out against the dark background. I think its still pretty faint, but gets the idea across! In the first pic Cadi was about 6wks old (its a 3mo dress), in the second she was 4mos old. Oh and you can't really tell, but the "w" in growing is actually the upside down "m". LOL.

Karen (captainswife) Where in BC are you? I'm in PG Smile

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What great pages and cards. I agree, your pages are very inspiring and give me great ideas. Your Cadence is a doll!! TFS

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Those are all perfect! I love the colors you chose and those watermelons are too cute! Biggrin You DD is just gorgeous! I can't pick a fav b/c they are all so good. Your cards are great too. You gave me some good ideas!

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I love them! Very pretty! The growing girl one is one of my favs! What a cute idea!

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Those are all super! I love the daddy bday card. I think my favorite LO is "my growing girl" and I really love the title "Pretty peas"

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Awww, so cute. I love the first Father's day card. Maybe I can remember to scraplift that one next year Smile

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Those are great, my face is the Pretty Girl one!