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My news - updated with slideshow

We are buying a house! I'm still a nervous that something will happen and the deal will fall through, but closing is on the 10th and we are really busy packing so I figured it was time to tell you Smile

Anyway, I will be busy in the next couple of weeks, but I will be around.

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wow how great! And that house is gorgeous!!!!

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Congrats! What a lovely looking house! I hope we will get to see more pics later!

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What a GORGEOUS home!! I love the color. Wink Congratulations!!!!

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Congrats on the new home, it is gorgeous!

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that's awesome news! congrats!! and the house looks wonderful. Smile

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How exciting!!! It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see pictures of the inside! :bigwink:

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OMG!! how cool! Biggrin i'm jealous! lol congrats. the house is beautiful!!! Biggrin

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Hooray! Congratulations - it is gorgeous!! Good luck with the move!

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Yesterday was a rough day. The deal almost fell through in the AM. I think we have it worked out though. We signed an addendum last night to fix the problem, as long as the seller signs we are still good (her verbally agreed already). We are doing the inspection today.

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GL! It's exciting and nerve racking all in one! Can't wait to hear about it!