my page...flutters to kicks

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my page...flutters to kicks

I made it a priority to finish this page today. I can't take full credit, I got the main idea from here:
and Charys made me the lovely butterflies! Thanks Charys!

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PERFECT Ash! I simply adore this idea, and I will be lifting it! Precious! Miles is so stinking cute in your siggy. I can't get over how adorable he is. Biggrin

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What a great idea it turned out perfect!

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way too cute!

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wow I really love this lo.

I'm putting it in my scraplift folder

tfs great job

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Ashley, that's just PERFECT!!! I totally LOVE it.

I scraplifted it too. TFS with us!

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I'm staring at a picture of Jack's feet, when he was 6 days old ... and then I opened this layout. Um, I might have to steal it! (cause I have Charys butterflies too!). I love it!

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Absolutely amazing! I love the bracket look and you did it perfectly! Into my scraplift folder!

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:eek:! I like yours' better than the original! This is so darling, I can't tell you!

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Ashley, this is sooooo soooo cute! What a great idea!

Your bracket is so perfectly cut. And your fonts/writing are perfect for it too.

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What a cute page! Your DS is adorable! I just love his little face. I am definately going to scraplift this one as well. Smile

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This page is super cute! It's so perfect it looks digital!

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Wow Ashley! I am gone for a month and Miles alredy looks so big. He is SO cute. I also LOVE that page!!!!! I am also going to have to lift it! You just made me want to unpack all my scrapbooking things.