My page from Stephanie's Digital Class ("a postcard view")

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My page from Stephanie's Digital Class ("a postcard view")

Nope, I didn't jump over to the digital side, but I really had to give this method a try, since I love the look of it. Stephanie, thanks for posting this cool idea.....this page was a lot of fun and took only about 30 minutes!

I am *finally* starting to scrap our Hawaii vacation from last June. I wasn't going to, but Kelleanne's challenge jump-started me. There are just too many pics to choose from, so I'm going to do my faves only.

Here is my page for the Travel Challenge too.
"They Don't Call it Paradise for Nothing"

the title is all Don Juan. I really love how the shadow feature on Don Juan makes just the slightest shadow. Did you other DonJuan owners notice that too? Or is it just me? It seems like DonJuan's shadow is so much smaller than the other carts, which gives it just a tiny edge. Love it!


I had stamped and cut this journaling blocks out a while back (thinking I was going to use them on cards) and so I just grouped them together for this layout. (using Liz's new tip idea to glue them together first and position them where I want on the page)

I'm happy with how both layouts turned out! I did them both last night after Kayson went to bed and couldn't believe how quickly they came together.

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Way to go Charys on scrapping that vacation! It was definately time Wink

I love the postcard page. What a good idea. Your challenge page turned out great too. I love the title you chose.

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awsome job using that digital class idea for paper. Did you split up the pic and then print it? Since there is a white border around, I am assuming you printed out the different pieces...or did you cut it and then mat it on white?

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I cut it all out from one photo, then matted in white.
thank you!

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I will have to try that Smile

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That turned out great Charys! I love that technique. I have a pic in mind where I'm not crazy about the background and I think if I cut it up it would disguise it a little. Love the birds and cages too!

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I love the page inspired by the digital class! It turned out really well!

And great job on scrapping the holiday finally! I love the flowers you have on the page, so cute!

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love it! and it's neat to see that effect on landscape too. Wink

and I really love the paradise layout! that's beautiful. *sigh* I want to go back to Hawaii soooooooo badly!

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Wow! Im so impressed that you did the digital on paper!! It turned out really great, I love it!

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cool version of the digi project!!
your an awesome scrapper Charys!

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WOW! Those are great I really thought it was a postcard. DUH! I love how you used all of the journaling circles bunched together. Also I pmed you Smile

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That first one is just amazing how you did that! I really need to invest in a white pen! I love it!

I too love how Don Juan shadows! That's so neat. The title looks amazing and I love the little birds!