My personal challenges - what's yours?

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My personal challenges - what's yours?

After realizing that I have a TON of stuff that goes unused, I decided I need to challenge myself. At least one layout a week has to use something that I've never used (or it's been a long time). This is also part of my process for weeding out the stuff I will never use so that I can trade it with one of you. Wink

I have a second personal challenge, and that's to scraplift something in my binder (from the many magazine pages I have stored in there) on a layout, also once a week.

That's all assuming I'm doing at least two layouts a week ... the big consignment sale is coming again (can you believe it?!) and I'm changing my tag color, so I have to retag everything left over from last sale plus tag a bunch of newer stuff in my sell pile. But I've decided to give a bunch to freecycle instead of selling, I'm just going to try to sell the stuff I know I can make money on (the money goes into our vacation account, so I really can't just give all of my stuff away - with 6 of us it really costs a pretty penny to go away anywhere).

That being said, I think I really need to have a goal of at least three layouts a week no matter what ... and that's hard these days!

What are your personal challenges? Do you have any? If not, think one up, challenges are good!

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My challenge is to do more layouts. I get distracted with cards, but what's a girl gonna do with 50 cards? They are just easier and quick to put together, so I always end up making them, instead of working on layouts. Especially when I get a designated hour or so....I need to put it to good use! ETA, I guess that would make my goal atleast ONE layout a WEEK! Help me ok girlies?

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I first need to get reorganized, and the make an inventory of what I have in the works and what needs to be done.

Then, I need to motivate myself to work on "old" pictures. I generally find myself printing new pictures to do the challenges, rather then working with the ones I already have.

I think if I could do 1 or 2 old pages a week, then allow myself a new page maybe I could catch up quicker.

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I really need to work on making LESS pages. I know that sounds silly, but I had 250+ layouts for just pictures in 2008. I don't want that many again, Andrea will just end up with too many albums.

I also need to work on making cards more often. I'm usually throwing them together at the last minute (like the one I did for my dad last night because his anniversary is tomorrow and it needed mailed today). Anyway, I'd like to get them done in advance.

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Wow Gwen..three a week??? I try to do one a week and usually do so and sometimes more. But three sounds like a high goal to me. Smile I think that if I scraplifted more I'd get more done, cause half the problem comes from not knowing what to that's a good idea to use what I have stored more often.

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My goal is four a month. Yes a month. Basically it adds up to one a week, but because I work on limited time, I can sometimes get three or four done in one night, and then nothing else for three to four weeks.

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I have an ongoing list of layouts I want to do. I type out the list and leave blank numbers for write-ins (as I only print it about every 2 months or so). That really helps me in terms of organization. The photos are already organized, which makes it easier.

Carrie - I have a number of layouts that are just the 8x10 photos - I don't go nuts on those, and they're pretty easy. So of the 3 a week, one is usually one of those. Smile

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My goal is similar, to use things I've purchased and haven't used, or barely used. And to cut down on the CT layouts I do - ie I'm required to do 2 for 1 ct, and 3 for the other, and I end up doing 5-6 for each - I want to work on using more of the stuff I've paid for.

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I'm working on catching up my 2008 layouts, ,along with keeping up on the 2009 pictures, so that when i'm done with 2008. I will be all caugh up in 2009 and not have to worry about being behind anymore. Smile

Also for 2009, since i want one book a year, i am doing 1 or 2 everyday layouts a month and all the major holidays and events.

I need to remember that i don't HAVE to record every little moment! He doesn't nee 500 200 page scrapbooks lol

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I also would like to set a goal of one LO per week. There are times when I do four or five (or more) LOs in a weekend, but then I can go weeks without scrapping at all. Sad If I finished an average of one per week, that would be 52 for the year and I'd be very happy with that!

One thing that I would like to work on that would make it easier for me to achieve that goal is to clean up my darn workspace when I get done at night. I tend to leave it messy, especially when I stay up late scrapping and I just want to get to bed, and then it is hard to get motivated to start again because it's no fun to go in and have to clean it all up. I really should do it right when I finish, no excuses!

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good luck with your goals ladies! Biggrin

Mine is to stop letting my wonderful scrap space I have turn into a tip. It's not dirty, but messy, as I find myself hurling stuff in there daily to keep things away from our 6 daycare kids. lol They know that room is off limits so it's so easy to use that as a dumping grounds rather than all the other rooms which they feel they have 100% rights to. Lol

My other goal is to actually put some books together! I have hundreds of pages and not even one single scrapbook yet. :eek: Lol I may try to upholster this GIANT binder I have. Figuring it all out is my task for this weekend

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Let's see. I REALLY want to go through my inventory and get rid of the stuff I know I will never use, or I didnt document the designer so I can't use. (like from feebies and stuff)

I really want to spend more time doing layouts for 'me' and not for CT's. I dropped two CTs this week and if I need to I will drop one more. It was starting to feel like more of a job than a joy. Like Trina said, I want to start using more of the products I bought myself. My pages come out better when I do that anyway.

I also want to go back and rescrap alot of Tristan's baby pictures. I look back at the pages I did back then and I just gringe. I really want to do a lot of redos.

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I need to take a downloading sabbatical and organize what I have! I have a huge file of stuff that still to be unzipped and a huge file of unzipped, but unsorted kits/freebies.

I really need to be more consistent with my scrap time, too. Like others I scrap in spurts.

Short-term goals: Enter a page for the red challenge and finish up Caleigh's NICU pages.