My resoulution....

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My resoulution.... to share with you ladies!
I lurk here all the time. I have posted once, my sons reindeer that I scraplifted. But I've never posted any pages! Hopefully by comitting myself to sharing with you, I'll also get more done! Let's just say Cal is 14 months old and I have less than 14 pages done!

A little about me-
I teach first grade,
I love 2 page layouts,
I usually put several pictures on a page but i have been experimenting with 8x10's,
I am a paper scrapper! (I must say I think I'd likr digi, I've been doing some things in photshop for various occasions and in arts cow, but the money I've got in paper is my first shock... Plus, I love my tactile paper scrapping, theres no way my ADHD self could give that up!!!)

Here's my first share= excuse the fact that I tried to scan it and merge it.. use the camera- duh!!!! This one breaks the mold, it's a one pager for now, It may be the first page of his album or I may add a second page.

Title is Cricut colors and shadow cut, Printing press. Journaling Font ???

I'd love to hear whay you all think!
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Well thats a bust! I made it tiny, I hate photobucket!!!
Either way the journaling says---
"What a moment! You made such an easy entrance and we were immediately overcome by joy. You are absolutely everything we hoped for and more.
Welcome to our family sweet baby! We love you forever!"

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Welcome!!!!! YAY for coming out of lurkdom. I remember your screenname.

That's so cool how you used the markers, then cut with shadow cut!! LOVE the effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more of your work!

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It's great! I love what you journalled too Biggrin Hi ! :wavehello:

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HI! We have lots in common. I paper scrap, love double layouts, AND I teach 1st grade too! Can't wait to see more of your pages.

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Welcome!! I used to teach 1st grade before Madison was born and I loved it. I can't wait to see more of your work.

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Welcome! Glad you've decided to share- I love your journalling and the title in the page you shared! Smile Can't wait to see more of your work!

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Welcome!! What a great resolution!

Your title rocks! I also love the effect!

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Welcome! I love new people and getting to know them and all. So glad you came out of lurkdom. I love your LO, but I really love your siggy. Those pics and the pic of the feet are just stunning!! TFS your LO and joining us.

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Welcome to the board!

I love the page that you shared. Cool effect on your title!

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Welcome! Glad you came out of lurkdom! the page is great! I like the little ribbons.

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Glad you are sharing with us! Great layout and I love the title!!!

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welcome!!!!! and I really like that layout, I think it's perfect and would make a great first page (since you can't do a two page spread for a first page anyway, since there's only one page to look at when you open the book, right? Wink )

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very nice page! I like the effect from using the cricut colors with the shadow cut, too. I have thought about buying the cricut colors, but just haven't yet. What a cool way to use them. I feel the same way about not wanting to give up paper scrapping...I need to make something with my hands.