My score! ;)

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My score! ;)

I couldn't help but to post that I bought my first cricut carts (using a gift card) at Michaels today. They have a half dozen on clearance for only 9.99. Since I have none, it was great to get 4 of them for such a great deal.

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Wow! 9.99? Which ones did you get?

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"melly14" wrote:

Wow! 9.99? Which ones did you get?

My thoughts exactly!

Awesome! Biggrin

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They had a ton there when I went today... sweethearts, jubilee, a child's year (or something like that), and a few just font ones...

I almost bought a few on the off chance that I buy one anytime soon or go use my mother in law's

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nice deal! the ones I saw at M's the other day were 29.99

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Yeah....9.99 at Michaels??? Wowzers!! Good for you girl!!

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That is awesome!! You are lucky!! Can't wait to see what you create with them!

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that's awesome! but you seriously can't post that and NOT tell us what you got! Lol

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WOO HOO! I have a Michael's gift card from Christmas! Time to get my butt over there!

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Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't post which ones. I'm at work. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Jubilee. Oh, and one that was aimed at weddings. Hmmmm. Obviously haven't used them yet or I would remember. I'll have to come back and post. I got 5 more cartridges from my mom too.