My scrap day

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My scrap day

I went to my friend's house this morning for a scrap day. When I got there my three amazing sweet friends gave me a mini-shower! It was such a surprise and made my whole day...week...month! they gave me a basket full of diapers, wipes and boy scrapbook papers. Biggrin Gotta love friends that know priorities right?? Wink It was just the four of us, but meant sooooo much to me. They decorated her house, made cupcakes, a beautiful lunch, etc. I was having a pretty bad morning too, so that just made it even better. Anyways, I didn't get much scrapbooking done, but I did get 8 cards finished. I'll take pics in the light tomorrow. Just had to share what a special day I had!

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Awww, I teared up reading that. How sweet!

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that is SO sweet! you have some amazing friends! how did you not burst out in tears?! Biggrin

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oh trust me....I did!! I cried like a baby! It was such a sweet, kind, amazing thing for them to do and totally unexpected.

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Wow! You have the sweetest friends!! I can't wait to see your cards!

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that's awesome! what terrific friends. Can't wait to see pictures. Smile

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that is so wonderful! I bet that was so great. I am jealous lol. I have NO friends that scrap. My cousin is the only one and she doesn't do it much. I wish I had local people to scrap with Blum 3

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Aww that is so great of them to do! And to surprise you like that Smile Thats great that you have such good friends!

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That really is so sweet! Glad you got that nice surprise after a not-so-nice morning. Smile

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Okay, that is SO awesome... especially about the boy papers. Boy papers are so hard to find!

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I agree, you do have great friends, and they must know how amazing you are!! I am anxious to see your papers and your cards. Smile

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what amazing friends!!! Biggrin thats too sweet!!

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That really is so sweet! Glad you got that nice surprise after a not-so-nice morning.

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That is so sweet! Awesome friends you have! I wish my local friends scrapped as well. All mine live away from here now and come only when they're visiting their parents. Boo!

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so nice of them! What a great day that turned otu to be Biggrin

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Awww, that was soooo sweet!

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Awww, that was so sweet of them! Glad you had a great day!

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What a great day Smile Can't wait to see the cards!!!

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You DESERVE it! You are such a sweet, kind hearted person. I am glad you have friends that treat you like you deserve! Glad you had a good day! :bigarmhug: