My Scrapbook Mojo results.....

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My Scrapbook Mojo results.....

I took a pic of the title b/c you could barely see it in the photo, but now that I have it up on the computer, you can definitly see it, but I'll share it w/ you anyways. Smile Nothing special.

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Great job Aja! You've been busy. LOVE that paper on the first LO, and you did it 100% justice! Love the tubing one too! They are all really good. TFS

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Love the paper on the first one!

I also really like the 2nd one, how you have the different torn layers and the flowers.

Great job!

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i love that swirly paper!! nice job!

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"Charmer" and the circular paper go really well together! That's cute!

And I love the design (and title) on your third page! Thanks for taking a close-up of the title. I always like seeing details like that.

Very good job Aja!

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Great pages. I really love the colors in the second one. Nicely done.

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Those are all great, I really love those gorgeous flowers! And the snow one is great, love that background!

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Awesome job! I love the layers on the second one!

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That paper on the first one is awesome! I also love how you did the snow title! great pages!

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cool lo's! I can't believe how big Tyler is getting:D

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I love the effect on the first one! Excellent pages!

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I love the second one with the torn paper. Very cool.

The snow tubing is also very cool. Love the way you did the title.

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WOW!! THose are some great pages! I love the circles and the bird papers are really pretty!

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WTG! You got some great pages there. You have an eye for paper and color. I love the bird paper on the 2nd one!

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whoo hoo for mojo! those are wonderful! I love the corner border you did with the flowers. Smile and that first one just looks so cool with that paper. Smile

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great pages they all look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! TFS

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Those all look great! I love the 2nd LO!! I want some of that bird paper.

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I like the paper of the first one and really love how you did the second one. I might have to scraplift that one. Smile

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Nice! They're all great!

I really love the swirly paper, though. Smile Hmmm ... wonder if I have anything like that in my digi files.