my scrappers block is over- & i have some questions too

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my scrappers block is over- & i have some questions too

so for the past several days my son has gone to bed at 8pm which has allowed me to finally organize my scrapbooking supplies (something which has been holding me back from scrapping my son's book b/c the disorder was driving me nuts). I did my very first LO in over 4 years!!! I think tonight I'll be making kits for more LO's for his book and then hopefully I will be able to get pages done with more efficiency and better time.

Hopefully we will get some good sunshine soon so I can take pictures of my LOs and show you all.

However with just getting back into the swing of things I have a few questions for you ladies:
1- what seems to be the best digital scrapping program out there (and also cost effective) b/c i'd like to try my hand at that in the near future
2- what equipment do you think i should definitely have and that is the best on the wallet too? i have pps, cardstock, stickers, embies, some fiskar scissors, a grid slicer (not exactly sure of what the name is... its so u can cut straight lines in exact measurements/cut down photos to exact sizes/do photo mats etc).... (right now i'm trying to figure out a way to work at home and make money for the family as well as possibly buy myself a cricut or that type of machine)
3- i've seen u all mention chipboard.... what exactly is that and where do u purchase it?
4- any tips on where to get items the cheapest?
5- how do u find out about crops in your area?

thanks for any help and feedback....
hoping and praying i get some LO's done soon b/c i have so many ideas that i have to get moving.

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Find crops by checking out your local scrap store. Most stores have their own schedule of crops!

Chipboard is like a sturdy cardboard. You can get alphabets, photo corners, hearts, stars, flowers, anything! They're all different colors. Some have sparkles. Some are plain so you can paint or alter them as you'd like. You can also make your own chipboard! I tried it once and made a whole alphabet set using scraps of patterned paper and misc. alpha stickers I had leftover! I think I cut my squares (they weren't all the same size) from old cereal boxes if I remember right...attached the patterned paper w/sticker on top, and then covered them in a protective coat of Mod Podge!! So simple, SO CHEAP!!

You could post some things you make on eBay or Etsy.

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I will try my best to answer some of these! Wink

1) I only have Microsoft Picture It! It works fine for what I want to do. It doesn't do great editing on the pics, but it works for me. I got it free somehow.

2) This one I don't have much info on. I only have the essentials. I am dying for a 12 in paper cutter. I need more things, so sorry I can't help you there.

3) Ash described chipboard great! I haven't bough any myself, but my sister has and she loves them!

4) Hobby Lobby has great sales a lot of the times. I don't have one near by (1 hour away), so I tend to stick to my local store and Wal-Mart.

5) I would just search online for local scrapping stores. We were very lucky to get one in our rural town.

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Yay for getting organized! If only I could get myself more organized too! Smile As far as the questions you asked, I agree with the others. Biggrin

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I can just answer the digital scrapping question. I've tried a couple. What I really want is Photoshop but it is not cheap. The one I have that I really, really like is Picture It/Digital Image Pro (Microsoft)

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If you really want to learn a challengeting program, you can download The Gimp - it's a free image program that is very close to photoshop. And there are digital scrapbooking tutirials for it. - I have it but I don't use it for digital scrapbooking as I'm too impatient with it. I have Microsoft Picture It 2002, which works really well for me (except lately, it's so strange with saving files, takes forever).

I make my own chipboard with the pieces of cardboard that comes with different online orders (the thinner cardboard). I just attach paper to it with Mod Podge, let it dry, and cut with my Sizzix. But I don't do too much with chipboard.

To find out about crops, check your LSS. But also find a Creative Memories consultant and see about attending a crop/party. You don't have to buy anything (but their paper trimmer rocks, and I love their circle cutter system) - but what you do get is to meet other scrapbookers and find out about crops in their homes. A lot of the consultants hold monthly crops, but some are funny about cropping with a lot of stuff that isn't CM (most consultants won't use anything bought at Michaels because they're really not supposed do in their consultant role). As far as getting stuff cheap, I only buy on sale. And sign up for freecycle by you ( - there are people who give away scrapbooking stuff, you just have to go pick it up. I've gotten some neat stuff that way.

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thanks for all the cool tips ladies....i will be sure to write them down in my scrapbooking notebook soon

i'm off to check out where the nearest hobby lobby is as well