My scrapping weekend!!

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My scrapping weekend!!

Oh ladies it was just AWESOME!!! Let me run down things for you the best I can remember.

I got there Friday about 4pm. Registered croppers could show up as early as 2pm to get started, and the big kickoff was at 5pm when they opened up the shopping area. There were balloons on every chair in the "Ice" colors (turquoise, white and brown) and all the tables were decorated. We each had a 3 x 3 space to crop, but there was TONS of room to put all your stuff. That part was great!

So 5pm came and you popped the balloon on your chair. If it had a number inside, you had to run to the big stage (and yeah..this thing was WAY professionally put on..stage and everything!) and claim a giftcard. They had 3 25.00 gift cards to a local store.

The shopping: They had about 15 vendors there...from jewelery to candles and of course, scrapbooking. Everyone had a passport when you arrived that had ads from all the stores. If you got your passport stamped at all the vendors, you could enter your name in a drawing for a 12 x 12 photo printer. Talk about cool! I didn't win unfortunately...but the shopping was fun!

The fun and games: Everyone had a bingo card (5 x 5) with different scrapbook things in the spots. Things like, use 5 different patterned papers on one layout, use circles, alter something, use the "ice" colors on a layout..etc. When you got a line, you yelled Bingo and they came to check your card. You then drew a number out of an altered paint can and it corresponded to a prize on the prize table. I got an awesome board book to alter in the Bingo game.

They also had this stuffed Penguin that played "Ice Ice Baby" when you pinched its foot..too cute. When you completed a scrapbook layout (minus the journaling) you yelled "I finished a layout, now give me the Penguin!" You got the Penguin at your spot. If the timer went off when you had the Penguin, you got to pick a number from the can and get a prize. I got a cool bag of buttons with that one!

Everytime they played the song "Ice Ice Baby" on the stereo they started giving out prize was awesome. I didn't win anything big, but it was so fun to see them give away so much stuff!

Friday night they had a chocolate fountain for everyone for dessert..amazing!

Saturday morning they had a big buffet breakfast for everyone. People even stayed up the entire time they were sleep and just scrapbooked and laughed all night.

I couldn't go on Sunday because my DH couldn't get off work, but I think I nearly finished 15 layouts or something like that? Not all are 100% complete because I didn't do any journaling yet, but that it is LOT of scrapping!!!

It was just awesome...lots of laughing, lots of scrapping, lots of friends...

I can't wait for next year!

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I'm so jealous. It sounds incredibly fun.

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It sounds awesome! Lots of creative games and ideas!

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wow, that sounds amazing! how much did it cost you? I'd love to do something like that (1.5 years down the road when I don't have a breastfeeding baby)

where are your pages, girl!?

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Glad to hear you had a fun time and got some cool stuff!

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Wow, it sure does sound like it was an awesome weekend! Glad to hear you had such a great time!

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135.00 for the three days...and I forgot to mention the gift we got when we showed up!!! Over 50.00 in stuff!!!!

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that sounds awesome!!!

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Oh man!! I'm drooling over here!! Sounds like you had SUCH a BLAST!!!!! I'm super jealous!!! The games sounded great. I can't wait to see your pages.

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"Drumapril" wrote:

135.00 for the three days...and I forgot to mention the gift we got when we showed up!!! Over 50.00 in stuff!!!!

that is such a great deal! who sponsored it? (I guess I should have asked at the same time I asked about the cost :lol:) I mean, were there any major scrapbooking sponsors?

our LSS just closed in March, and I will miss cropping there and the cool events they'd run. Sad

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Oh man that sounds like it was SOOOO much fun! I am so jealous! LOL!

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How fun!!! I am completely jealous - now lets see some of your work!

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"coolmama72" wrote:

that is such a great deal! who sponsored it? I mean, were there any major scrapbooking sponsors?

Our local stores were all involved, but the biggest sponsors were HP (marketing their photo/scrapbook printers) and Chatterbox! Melody Ross was a keynote speaker for the thing...she started Chatterbox.

I can't wait for the next one already..LOL

And as to my work...none of it is completely done, and all three of my kiddos are dealing with the flu. Zoey was in the ER last night because of it. I promise to post when they are done though! Smile

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That sounds like an AMAZING time! I can't wait to see photos! Glad you had a good time!

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Wow, that sounds so nice.