My sister's Christmas present

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My sister's Christmas present

I can't believe I forgot to post this!! Here's what I made for my sister for Christmas. She loved it!!!! It's a tin box (dish detergent tablets came in it originally :lol:) that I covered with Mod Podge and paper.

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Very cute Gwen! GOOD JOB! Great idea!

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VERY COOL! I love the pp! What brand is it? The one with the flowers. I need to get me some of this Mod Podge!

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awesome may have to lift that idea for the future

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the paper is from a 6x6 Paper Stack that I have, it has all sorts of different patterned paper in it. Wink

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Cute, great job

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What a great idea! I have 2 of these tins sitting around collecting dust, and now I have something to do with them!

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Very cute. It'd be perfect for a recipe box!

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Very, Very cool. I should make some of those for my dd to giver her friends. You know what it's like to find something cool for a teenage girl, they either already have it or it is to $$$$. But that is cool and soooo personal.

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thats cute
great job

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ooh very clever Gwen! I love the black and white papers you used.

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thanks girls!!! my sister planned to keep it on her dresser for "stuff" that she accumulates. Lol

it really IS a great gift, I need to remember that when other special occassions come up and I"m unprepared for a gift.

I did Meghan's in one afternoon. I prefer to use more than one coat of Mod Podge but didn't have the time that day. I sprayed an acrylic spray on it to waterproof and protect it.

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VERY NICE GWEN!!! And it does make a wonderful gift. I think I may need to try something like this as a Valentine's gift for Loli's teacher.



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Very cute - you are so creative!

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That is great! I've tried doing modpog but I can never get it to look that nice. You did a beautiful job!

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That is just beautiful! I am sure she will ADORE it!