My Spring Cleaning (OT, XP)

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My Spring Cleaning (OT, XP)

We have been wanting to put our house on the market for more than a year now, but the state of our basement has made that not possible. We procrastinated, procrastinated, blah blah blah, were too lazy to deal with it and it just got worse and worse.

Feb. 1st we started cleaning. We finished Tuesday. I just wanted to share what we did because as stupid as it is to be proud of getting it done (when it was our fault in the first place), it feels great to finally have it done. We did 3 trips to the recylcing center (of just cardboard!) in our van, and 2 trips to the dump - one in my dad's truck, and the other in a 1 ton cube van that was pretty much full.

The realtor is being called tomorrow. LOL

Pics (the 'before' are embarassing)


Standing on the bottom step:
(all of that is gone now, so no pic to show 'after')

The living area:

The living area after:

The 'office' before

The office after

We also did Kaitlyn's bedroom





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Geesh! You have been BUSY! I bet it feels amazing to have all that extra space you didn't know you had before!

We have 2 unfinished rooms in our basement which are blocked off by a door. We typically use it for storage, but my dh's weight bench is in there too. I'll admit it looks a lot like your before pictures! BUT, we have a renter so all of his extra crap is also in there. It's easy to let that happen when you have outgrown toys and equipment, too!

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YAY you!! That was a TON of work, but I bet you feel so much better. And I bet that makes the house sell quick...good luck! KUP ok?

Kayson and Cohen's closet was looking like that. I should have taken before and after pics. I worked on it alllll weekend and love what it looks like now.

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looks like a lot of work!!! Good luck on selling your house.

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WOW! Good for you!!!! Smile

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Girl, my whole house is a disaster zone right now and I really have no hope of getting it clean.

I know you really do feel much better...looks great! :woohoo: for a clean basement.

And of course Kaitlyn's room is cute! Do you like those storage bins...I've considered them for Cadence, but think she may use them more when she's a little older...?

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"StateChick" wrote:

And of course Kaitlyn's room is cute! Do you like those storage bins...I've considered them for Cadence, but think she may use them more when she's a little older...?

We love them! We've had them since before she turned 2 (maybe November?) - and while she wasn't that into them, they help to keep things clean and organized. She's getting more interested in them now, pulling things out of them (she turned 2 in Feb).

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that's a lot of work, great job!!!

and I think we have the same tv!!! Smile

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Great job girl! I hope it sells quickly too. KUP

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Wow, you have been working hard!!! Maybe you can be my inspiration. MY whole house is a bit cluttered and messy. Wink

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That looks great! Definitely something to be proud of!

I have slowly been going through our house since we have a village-wide rummage sale in May. My mom and I fill up our garage with junk and hope that it is all gone by the end:)
I have definitely been in a purging mood though and this just reminds me how good it looks when it is done!

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I can't see the pics, but I am sure you feel much better! I have always HATED our bathroom and it FINALLY got remodeled and I am loving it. Of course, we ran out of money before we got new sinks, toilet, sheet rock and paint, but I have a new floor! Yahoo

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Wow! Great job. This is what DH & I will be doing this weekend while DD is with my parents. We have 3 rooms to do...garage, computer and storage room. I need some motivation dust. :confused:

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ok, when you said the before pics were bad, i was expecting hoarder on tv bad...but they arent that bad! i like the after pics much better though! Lol i bet that feels like a HUGE weight is lifted off of your shoulders! the rooms like great! i thought about getting those storage bins for ryans room too, but i was afraid he would just pull them out and throw them around his room. boys. :rolleyes:

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Way to go!!! Great job. Looks awesome. Bet you feel so good all of that is accomplished!