My stinkin kids!

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My stinkin kids!

So Anthony was on the computer today. We were getting ready to leave so my kids are out in the car. Well Anthony yells hey mom can you close my screen down on the computer. I say sure and hit the X to find out he changed the screen saver to a huge SHIP! I screamed like I had saw a ghost and they were all in the car cracking up!!! They get me all the time. We have dvr and he paused the tv with a huge ship on it the other day so when I went in the living room there was a huge ship on a 60 inch tv. They think it is so funny that I am scared of ships.

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Soooooooooooo mean! Hope you got your heartbeat back to normal!

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Sounds like something I'm in for in about 10 years. You poor thing!! Ugh!!

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HA!!!! My kids know better, cause paybacks are a "you know what". LOL That is funny though, you gotta admit. Smile

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I think it's pretty funny that you're scared of ships too (not in a bad way, I'm not making fun of you, it's just an odd fear that tickles my funny bone). Your kids crack me up!

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They must have thought that was incredibly funny - he he.