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Thread: my sweet, sweet sister-

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    Default my sweet, sweet sister-

    Gave me the nicest gift. She gave me a pack of 50 cards, clear journaling stamps, clear flower stamps, a "congrats" rubber stamp, a "party" rubber stamp, glue, & a Cricut mat. It was all b/c she knows I want to start selling my cards.

    My cards have been at our local barber shop since last Saturday. They have been there for longer, but until Saturday, there weren't being displayed. I haven't called her yet to see if they have sold. I went and talked to a local flower/gift shop and asked them if they would be interested. They said make about 3 of each (wedding, birthday, thank you, sympathy, baby, thinking of you) and they will buy them from me, and sell them. If they sell well, they will buy more! I really hope it works out. They aren't busy in the summer, so I might wait a month to let them take a look at some. I am super excited! I really hope it all works out. It would be nice to get some extra money in my pocket.
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    What a great gift - and that's awesome they're willing to buy some cards off you and try to sell them!
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    That was really sweet of her. I still haven't told my family how addicted I am to scrapbooking things. I made a scrapbook for my mom but she has no idea the extent of the things I do.
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    That was so sweet of her! What a wonderful sister! I hope your cards sell!

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    That's great! Good luck with selling the cards and please show us the finished products!

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    That's so cool. And what a sweet sister Last Christmas (before I scrapped) Wayne and I got a bunch of scrapbooking stuff (all cheap little stuff cuz we were pretty broke) and put it in a nice box for my sister for Christmas. She almost cried and went on and on about it. Now that I scrapbook I can see why it makes such a nice, personal gift Does your church have any sales you could sell a bunch of cards at? Our old church would do a "bake, etc" sale and since lots didn't bake they would bring other things they made to sell like cards, knitted things, etc.
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