My Teeney Tiny Craft Space

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My Teeney Tiny Craft Space

just wanted to show you guys the very small space i have for my crafting

and a couple bonus craftish things

made this wreath today!!

and i just loved this ribbon so i made a big bow with it!

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You made that wreath? I looooove it! My craft space is so very tiny's sure hard when you want to spread out. Most of my stuff ends up on the floor. lol

And that bow is you have one of those "bowdabra's" or whatever they're called?

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my space is pretty non-existant too! thats probably why i havent done a page in 6 months! but that wreath is AMAZING! nice job! Smile

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It may be a small space but you are doing a lot of big things with it. That wreath is just amazing. Great job.

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Love the wreath and the Bow. You create lots of great things in your space!

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LOve that wreath! Did you make that?! I also love the bow you have to give us details on how you did it Smile

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aww that sure is a little space Smile but a little space is better than none!

Love the wreath!

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Wow Beckie, that wreath is so cool!! And I also love that ribbon of the bow. Very fun!! TFS

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thanks ladies!! good to know that im not the only one crammed into the smallest spot of the house crafting away...
i do not have a bowdabra (or whatever its called) i just made the bow by cutting a HUGE piece of ribbon and looping the ribbon 4 times. then i took the end pieces and wrapped them around the middle and then twisted them together. then i just fluffed up the loops and spread them out till i liked how it looked.
the wreath was pretty easy as well... got all the stuff at Michaels (well except for the big candies , got those at target) and just hot glued them to the wreath. it was fun!

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love the wreath and the bow! don't worry, you don't really need a bowdabra to do that...since what you did it basically all a bowdabra does (it just holds the ribbon in place while you wrap, fold, etc. I have several wreaths around my house that I made the same way, but they are more traditional christmas (pointsettas, etc. with mostly red, white green)...but I LOVE the color scheme of yours. So fun and goes great with those big candies...awesome!

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I suck at making bows, yours looks awesome! and I'm digging the wreath.

I bet you could install some shelves above the desk to make some more room for your crafting. and I see money in your craft space, I don't have money in mine!

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I'm in awe that you could make a wreath like that ... wowzers! Love it. And your space - even though it's small!