My U/S results...

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My U/S results...

I had my ultrasound last week, and I know I've REALLY slacked on the scrapbooking, but I thought I'd post here anyways if you ladies were interested. The baby looks good and is measuring right on time, weighing 1 pound. There was one thing however that the tech found... my doctor said that one of my baby's kidney's has a larger than normal ureter coming out from it. (The condition has a specific name, but I can't remember). Apparently, it's supposed to be 3mm, and one of them is measuring 4mm. My doctor doesn't seem to be too worried about it - but my husband was getting freaked out about it. I"ll have to find out what the condition is called, but I will have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to check it again - doctor says it corrects itself most of the time. She said if i was 35 or older, it may indicate that my baby has Down Syndrome, but I had the NT testing done and the chances of my baby having it was VERY slim - so i'm not really worried about it.

And we are still keeping the baby surprise!!! (My husband swears he saw a twig and berries, but he has no clue what in the world he's looking at!) LOL The only person who knows what we're having is the tech and my best friend's mother.. she makes beautiful baby blankets and I wanted a gender specific blanket when the baby arrives... so I made this card and had the tech circle boy or girl! (ok, so does this count as scrapping?!) haha...

And a couple of U/S pics... (they aren't the greatest, but these are the best ones I have)

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aww how adorable! Biggrin

I'm sorry about the news but if the tech doesn't seem too worried it shouldn't be much of anything. I'll be praying for you though and hope the next appointment goes really well

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Is it renal pylectasis? If so, my DS had that in utero, and it resolved by like 36 weeks. I had to have a few follow up u/s to keep an eye on it, but all ended up good and he didn't have to be followed by urology at birth. He also had another condition, which when paired with the kidney thing is called a "soft marker" for some chromosomal abnormalities, so I was freaked. But everything was a-ok! Considering your risk for any other issues is low and there are no other findings on u/s, sounds like all should be good, but I will still keep you and LO in my thoughts in any case!

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ah, such a cute little bean! Biggrin I love looking at U/S pics! I'm sure everything will be just fine.

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Awww, I hope the 32 weeks u/s shows everything to be great. It sounds like the doctor wasn't worried so that is wonderful.

I love the card you had made. How funny that the only person in your life who know is her!

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What a sweet, beautiful story. Love those pics. So cute!!

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How cute. I love US pics! I hope at the next US everything is just perfect!

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LOVE the card idea! So cute! Yay for team SURPRISE!

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Lauren- You're right!! That's exactly what it's called!! (I could not find it online - thank you sooooooooooo much!!!) I've found some sites that explained it and it looks like it will most likely fix itself... especially since it's only 4mm (only 1 mm more than the "norm"!) I'm not worried about it, but I can't thank you enough for posting!! I could kiss you right about now! Lol

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My bf's little girl had that too but it resolved itself as well. So hopefully you get the same results.

I seriously LOVE the card idea. Fabulous idea!

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"momandteacher" wrote:

My bf's little girl had that too but it resolved itself as well. So hopefully you get the same results.

I seriously LOVE the card idea. Fabulous idea!

Thanks for the card compliment! The tech circled the gender after we left the room and when she gave it back to me it was already sealed - I think that made it even more tempting to open! haha... I already had the stamp on it so as soon as I got home, I put the card in the mailbox.. I didn't see the typical 3 lines for a girl... but she has been doing ultrasounds for a long time... my maternal instinct is that this is a boy! (there was a point when I swear I saw a penis, but then the u/s tech said it was the umbilical cord.. so who knows! lol....

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I love the card, I can't wait to see pics of the blanket!
Hope all turns out well and the issue resolves itself as other posters have mentioned. T&P!

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I love the card! Good luck and please kup! I love ultrasound pics. hehe

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Great card idea! Love it! Glad everything went well, KUP on the next one about the kidney thing, I'm sure it's nothing if the Dr. isn't concerned.

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I'll be praying hon. I know it's hard to stress even when they say it's nothing. I love the card. I don't know how you are keeping it a surprise. I would go nuts! Biggrin