My VERY SIMPLE v-day cards

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My VERY SIMPLE v-day cards

Andrew didn't want character cards this year - I was in shock! So I made these little cards to see if that's what he wanted to use instead (only made these two, but did cut out all of the hearts for the inside and about half of the red hearts for the outside). They're 3.5" tall and 2.5" wide (5" total, then folded). So simple! Andrew will write each child's name on the front and sign his name on the inside. He really loved them.

Jordan liked the cards, but she wants them MUCH bigger. Lol There's 21 kids in Andrew's class, 10 in Jordan's. I'll have to see how much extra pink paper I have to do bigger ones for Jordan's class. She really hated the idea of the little cards - she doesn't get that they're still bigger than the character cards that most kids will give.

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very very cool idea

they are gorgeous

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Cute and simple!

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Oh they're cute! My dd has to hand make them this year for school. We're still trying to decide what to do. Love your idea!

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Those are very cute!

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those are very cute! Don't you love simple cards that turn out so nice like that?

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CUTE! I need to start making cards, but I barely have time for scrapping....

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these are SO cute, Gwen!!! I've been struggling trying to decide if I have the time/energy to make the ones for Loli's class. He would love it much more if I would, but I dunno.

TFS though ... you have lit a fire (let's see if it will continue to burn long enough to get anything done). Wink


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I'm so happy that he liked them. I would have thought they would be too pink, but they really are cute and they will be so different from all the other cards the kids will get.

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Those are great! I hope that sometime before T.J. graduates I will have the time to handmake cards. It looks like so much fun.