my weekend cards (pic heavy)

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my weekend cards (pic heavy)

I went a little card crazy this weekend. lol. They aren't my best ever but I was just eager to get them done and move on to the tonne of cleaning on our list. Wayne said he'll vacuum the whole house if I mop the kitchen floor so score for me! LOL

Sorry the biga are so big..the resizing isn't taking and I don't have time to come try again later

These two are for daycare kids....Ryan is turning 4 and Bella is leaving for school...we already have a "We'll miss you" book from us and all the kids where we did coloring pages of her fave cartoons so I stuck with a title a lil more cheerful here

This one is for Waynes dad in England...Wayne chose the pic (cuz his dad is obsessed with dogs) as well as the quote lol.

This one is for my step dad...I cut it out of another card cuz my step dad fixes "diggers" for a living. lol

This is for one of my close friends...then Wayne said if I had done it in pink it would've been perfect for his sister's upcoming bday so I did another version. lol

For another good friend

For Wayne's niece's fiance...guy cards are hard!

For my best friend in England. She is proper obsessed with the purple/gold combo. LOL! Her bday is next month when we will be out there...hence her's can be 3D...all the one's I have to mail have to stay flat or else they cost an arm and a leg to mail. LOL

And finally this is for my oldest sister:)

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wow! you have been extremely busy this weekend! i especially love the first one for Ryan - and then dog one for Wayne's dad. LOL! that is HILARIOUS! he'll love it! that's great Wayne vacummed for you!

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WOW! you go girl!! you got so much done!! they look great! i love the butterfly one and the "digger" hehehe

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You have certainly been busy, they are all really great. I especially love the purple/gold butterfly card. I may try somethign with that color combo sometime since I have yet to ever do so.

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Blummin eck, you've been really busy!! I always love your cards. The Bob the Builder one is cool! Biggrin

I'm in awe of your posh handwriting. I'm trying to practice mine, but it's poor. Lol

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I love that Wayne helps with your ideas!

You were a busy woman! Nice job on all of them!

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Karen your cards are always so cool! Love them all and those people are so lucky to be getting them. TFS here with us.

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Beautiful cards!! I so need to get into card making more!!! I just love the concept of homemade cards!! I have only done a few.

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"Uropachild" wrote:

I'm in awe of your posh handwriting. I'm trying to practice mine, but it's poor. Lol

I agree! You have some awesome cards, but the one for Wayne's dad is my favorite!

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those are great!

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I love hybrid modified cards so these are BRILLIANT!

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Wow! You got tons done! I LOVE the happy birthday Liam one. What fabulous colors and design. The bob the builder one is cool too. Perfect for your step dad.

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wow love all those cards!!! You definitely were busy.

Love love love your handwriting.

I really like the purple and gold combo too.... don't know what specifically it's just pops out at me. Love the bob the builder one too.

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thanks girls! And for the handwriting comments ...I can't take much credit for Mom and Grandma have the exact same writing and it just comes from them. lol.
My next lo was actually going to be of the daycare kids practicing tracing printing...for their daycare scrapbook...and to save money i do their practice sheets by hand so maybe their writing will turn out like ours too. lol

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Karen, you have such a sweet style! I love how you personalize every single card you make. I know the recipients really love them!

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girl, you've been BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are great!!! what a sweet card for Bella. and I love the "good looks" card, that's so cute! and the card for your friend in England is beautiful. Smile

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Wow, those are all awesome! I love the father's day one with the dogs, that is so cute (and the saying is perfect!)

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wow busy busy! I love the cupcakes! Did you make those yourself? Also that butterfly rocks!