My weekend's work

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My weekend's work

Well, the virtual crop certainly did prompt me to get stuff done. I only have two more layouts (each a double page spread) for 2007! Whoo hoo!!!!

My last Christmas layout - I have four pages for Christmas this year (already posted the other three), that's a record for me. Wink

I LOVE how this one turned out!!!


Fall '04 - this page was a challenge sketch, I'm so happy with it!

And Jordan at 18 months is the facing page to the layout above in her professional photos book

Natalie's first trip to the dentist

Jordan's short hair cut

Jordan decided she wanted her hair cut short …
so off we went to the barber shop.
When the stylist seemed to be done, Jordan motioned me over.
She whispered in my ear that it wasn’t short enough …
so close to another inch came off. What a difference!
She really loves the new style
August 2007

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You did get a TON done this weekend!! ME...not so much!! Lol I'm glad you came and chatted with was fun!

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I chatted way too much ... which is what happens when I have a crop IRL. I just like chatter. Wink It was a lot of fun, I'm so glad you shared the VC links with us so we could feel like we were hanging out while working. Smile

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Holy cow did we have some busy mammas this weekend! Well done Gwen. I really like the xoxo page and the fall 2004, and the Halloween pages! You worked hard and got lots of great LOs done!

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Gwen, it was great chatting with you and I love every one of your LO's! I can't believe how many pages you got done.

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You got so many done, wow! I love the fall one. I'm so envious that you are almost done with 07, that is so amazing and almost unbelievable!

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Great lo's!!! I like the one of Jordan getting her hair cut and the halloween lo.

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These are all so fun! My favorite is the XOXO - the expressions in the photos are just priceless. Beautiful work on all of them!!!

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Great lo's Gwen!!!!! I love them all. I really like the Fall layout w/Andrew & Jordan (gonna steal that idea!) and I love the last one as well - I think the journaling idea is great!

I wished we lived closer and could get together to crop - it would be TOO much fun!

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Nice job!!! TFS

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Wow! I am so jealous you got so many done.
I LOVE the one of you and Natalie and the Fall '04 one.

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AWESOME WORK, Gwen!!! I love them all, but the fall one just blows me away. AWESOME!


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wow girl!! you were busy
I love the last one--I like the journaling strips and the flowers/stars on the side with the paper

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great Lo's.... TFS

xoxo and the dentist ones are so cute

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