My weekend's work (8 LOs)

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My weekend's work (8 LOs)

On top of the swimming LOs on Friday, I did the following pages as well. I think this is a record for me in one weekend. My goal is to keep up with the picture this year. I have one or two more LOs and I will be on track for the year.

I took a few different Playgroup events from this month and put them on one 2-page spread

These are two seperate "events" but I tried to make the pages coordinate at least by similar colors

These mirrored pages are not my favorite, but I'm not redoing it either.

Again, these are two different LOs, but the papers, etc are from the same kit so that the colors coordinate.

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Those are some great LOs. I just took some cute pics of Ruthie and her babies, and I dying to make a "Little Mamma" page! I love the different styles of your pages and how you are able to use so many pics as well!

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you had a busy weekend too! lots done, that's great! I love how you did the playgroup layouts - I should have done that back when ours was active. and I love Andrea with her doll, so sweet! great work!

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Those are great! Nice job! TFS

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Great layouts! I really liked the mirrored ones.

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Wow, this was quite a productive scrapbook weekend for all of us! I love the one of Andrea lifting her hands in the air while she walks. Smile How cute! And doing a page of your playdates is a great idea.

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Very nice layouts!
They all have a totally different look and feel. That's great.

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These are all so beautiful that it's hard to pick a favorite. I really like the mirrored ones though - they're just so girlie. I may have to dig out some pictures of my niece so that I can try and scraplift it. Smile


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those are great
I love the papers in the last one

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great los

love the one with andrea and her dollies

great color choices