My wordart request!!

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My wordart request!!

Last night I was working on a couple of scrapbooking pages with the maternity pictures I took. I knew what I wanted it to say, but I couldn't get it to look like the way I wanted it to. So... i emailed Bethany and she created the word art for me today!!! I'm so excited!!! (what a great birthday present to myself!)

Anyways.. here's the link.... (she even mentions me - very cool!) I will be posting my pages soon so you all can see.

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That is great! I agree, it will be perfect for maternity layouts Smile

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i LOVE it!!
cant wait to see the pages!

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I saw it on her site earlier, it was a great idea I thik I have one maternity pic I haven't done yet that I may us it on

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Perfect! I love it! Biggrin

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that's awesome, can't wait to see pages with it. Wink

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How cool!!

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I saw that too, didn't connect 'Linda' with you Smile Funny how my scrap life and life are merging lol.

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looks great! She does great work!