Naked LO (lol)

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Naked LO (lol)

It's clean, honest. He wasn't real happy with me sharing his bum, but here's a page of my oldest naked. I just love these pics. I am not thrilled with the LO as a whole, but I spent a lot of time on it, so I'm done. Smile TFL

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That's sweet and such wonderful wedding slideshow bait. I love it!

I can REALLY see you improving with each layout.

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I love your negative letters and the rounded corners. Sooooo cute!!!! This layout made me smile.

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Ha ha ha Lol That is so funny and cute!

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Oh I think its cute! Doesnt your DS understand this is what mommies pics of their little ones naked Wink

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LOL! Very cute! Love the title you picked. Smile

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that is too cute!!!

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awwww! That's great. Tell him thanks for being a good sport Biggrin

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Very cute page, I love babies butt's, they're so darn irresistible .

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That's a really cute page. The title is perfect!

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that cracked me up, too cute!

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Adorable, plus it will serve as great blackmail material in his dating years!

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OMG, I laughed so hard!!! Love it, love it, love i! Love the title and how you arranged the pics! Smile Makes me want to take some pics of my dd's bum lol.

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I love it! I love how you did the title.